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First Meet Experience


Just competed in my first meet this past Saturday (USAPL in Maryland). Powerlifting is the shit (obvi). It was humbling and inspiring at the same time. It was HELLA fun, StormTheBeach won the overall prize and I was probably last place in the 242s (weighed in at about 223, lol).

I utterly failed at bench, getting 35lbs below my best gym lift. That pause fucking killed me, my sticking point is a few inch off the chest and I really need the stretch reflex to drive through that. Squat and Deadlift went well and I accomplished what I wanted to there - a 25lb PR and 20lb PR, respectively.

My total sucked but it gives me something to improve on. Won't be my last meet. Here's a vid of my attempts (the chick recording missed my first squat) if anyone cares.

I hit a 342 Squat, 254 Bench and 474 Deadlift for a 1070 total.


Great stuff man...welcome to the tribe!


Nice to get that first one out of the way, welcome to the club


Welcome bro.


Thanks guys! Looking to compete again in about a year (maybe at the same meet), shootin for a 250lb increase on my total.

Thanks Tim - I recently joined Fitness First, maybe I'll see you around.


Hey bro its the other scott from the meet you did good man, thanks for that last hit of ammonia!


Anytime bud. You crushed it for your first meet. Good to see you here - I posted that pic we took after the meet in my training log if you wanna have a look see. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/no_pain_no_gain_1?id=4162292&pageNo=22


Hey scj, I don't know where you live but me and another guy on this form lift together in Chantilly VA where we have our own powerlifing gym. Come check it out if you would like. We just got a monolift and Boss competition bench.


What's the name of your gym? I live in DC proper and don't have a car, but I have a friend I could probably convince to come out sometime.


Welcome Onboard!!


Good shit buddy. It was nice to meet you and Nate in real life. When and where is your next one going to be?


Congratulations man, nice job, and welcome to the true Dark Side.


Nice work bro. Meets are a great place to learn and to get pumped up to work harder.


Aggressive strength & conditioning. They only have a facebook page. Let me know if you ever want to head out this way.


Thanks guys. It was definitely a lot of fun and a great environment. My PLin days are not over.

Yeah man, you too. Crazy deadlift ya got there.

I'm thinkin I'll compete again in about a year. Maybe at the same meet, maybe not. Hopefully they won't run out of weights in the warmup room again.


Cool man. Is that where maraudermeat trains? I remember he's somewhere out in that area.


thanks bro, im sure ill be seeing you at an upcomming meet or two