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First Meet, Cut Down or Stay?

So Ive been training for my first meet, http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/thetrebel#myLogs

I was supposed to enter a meet in November, but I have the opportunity to enter one on the 22nd on June. The only problem is my weight is pretty high, im at around 240, but I would like to compete @ 220, I have 7 weeks to lean down should I just diet down, or stay at my weight ?? Any advice tips would be appreciated.

Ive heard that your first meet it really doesnt matter, you just need to go and lift if that helps.

Are you going to break records or have a plausible chance of winning your class @220? If not just try to be as strong as possible at whatever you weight at meet day. It’s your first meet so everything will be a PR anyway.

I wouldn’t bother.
Just train hard, program smart, pick your attempts wisely, compete and have fun and hang out with the other lifters.

No need to worry about being a superstar your first time out. Last thing you want to do is show up at the meet tired, dehydrated, and feeling like crap. It’s your first meet, you’re probably nervous enough as it is - why give yourself 1 more thing to worry about if you don’t gain anything from it? Every attempt you make is a meet PR.

I just did my first meet a month or so ago, and I loved it. I didn’t cut anything at all. Just have fun and see if you like competing. You’ll have plenty of time to cut down for your next meet, worry about it then.

In my experience, 220 is far more popular than 240. The winning total for 240 could be lower than 220. First meet, not worth the cut.

There are plenty of things to concern yourself with during your first meet, don’t add weight manipulation to the list.

I am in the same boat as OP, except I am coming off an injury and I am already down in weight a little, so I decided not to continue cutting and just go lift to get the anxiety of showing out of the way. I am not competing until July and I would really only need to cut about 10 pounds to lift at 220, but I feel better/stronger at 230.

Just for the sake of balance in opinion, I cut for my first powerlifting meet and everything went fine. I went from 191-192 down to 181.4 in 2 or 3 days. Can’t recommend it though because it was a pretty uncomfortable experience.

You can use this near meet as a feeler for the second one. Go into it at what ever weight you want, see how the meet runs, how you feel etc. Then drop the weight or do what every you feel like for the second one.

Like everyone has said, the first meet is just an eye opener and unless you’re going there in a hope to kick some asses and win, or take a record, just relax.

Don’t cut, a 20 lb drop is pretty big and likely will negatively affect your strength. See where you are and how you did and then think about cutting later on

It’s not worth cutting down unless you’re only a couple pounds off. I drop weight every meet because i weigh 185-9 so i drop the weight to be in the 181 weight class. Not too much strength is lost. I also do it because i break records in my weight class. I would recommend competing at your weight so you know how you will do. Then after your meet, go back and look at how comfortable you felt and from there, have fun. It’s all about PR’s and having fun! You will enjoy your first! Good luck!