First Meet - 9 Weeks of Training

Hey all, I’ve been at this seriously for about 9 weeks. Did a meet this last weekend, a guy I know from work is running it.

I didn’t have time to learn to split jerk properly before the meet, so I that part of my lift is garbage (I got at lot of good feedback at the meet).

Just putting this out there for some more insights.

Also let me add, if you are into the sport, and can find a meet, DO IT! The atmosphere was 100% supportive and encouraging, and a lot less ego than the powerlifting meets I did in the past. Not that I have anything against powerlifting, just something I noticed. An 8-year old did a 40KG C and J, most impressive feat of the day.

Second Snatch - 70KG

where is the rest of your lifts?

They take awhile to post. . . it just came up for me.

Snatch 3 - 76 KG miss. I needed to stay tighter through my arms and core. . .

I am having some issue with the vids posting. . .

Clean 3 - 103 KG. I didn’t add, I’m lifting at 77 KG. My shoulder was hurting pretty good here, so I am just proud that I locked it out overhead somehow. Someone said “crossfit would have counted that one.”

Clean 2 - 99KG. Same issue, too much knee dipping before my jerk, and not a clean lock out. Once I learn to jerk, I may be ok. I can probably clean 110, the issue is getting it overhead.

cleans look good. be careful of head whipping. case in point the snatch you almost dropped on yourself. eyes forward. locked on. definately need to start jerking more. split jerks. jerk recovery. great job. congrats on the first meet.

I just like to show off my sweet hair!

That is something I am working on. I was super-excited and kind of reverted to some bad habits.

Don’t be headbanging when you lift

looking good for 9 weeks

I think the issue is getting under the bar with the snatch faster. When you learn to do it it will feel more natural to lock out the bar. Core tightness has never been an issue for me at the snatch, only cleans. I think its more of a technique/getting used to it issue.

In training I have no problem getting under quick, the one coach I worked with told me to avoid “dive bombing.” And I may have been trying too hard to finish my pull. The problem I had on this day was just being way to amped up, I was super stiff in my hips and hammies and couldn’t make a smooth drop. my first snatch was basically a power snatch. I missed an attempt warming up too, and that made me even more nervous.

But those are the reasons for doing a first meet, I will be able to be more relaxed in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

when you get it right finishing the pull hard will end up “catapulting” you fast down. Its overextending the time you pull by pulling with your arms that is a bad idea. Legs/hips should extend fully(almost… you dont exactly want them to lock out) and hard

Great job getting out there and competing! I am going to be competing tomorrow for the first time, but I had about 4x longer than you to prepare my lifts haha. Nice work even with the red lights, for the first time its about getting out there and doing it.

lordstorm - I think just getting more reps with heavier weights will help me feel the “pull yourself under the bar thing.” I’ve definitely felt that “catapulting” feeling, but only about 10% of the time. I definitely feel it when I do it right. I appreciate the input.

Cloy - Good Luck! Set some PR’s tomorrow!