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First Meet: 1,114 @ 181


Had my first meet today. Didn't go for any PRs, just focused on getting my lifts 9/9.

Had 8/9.

Squat went very well. Lost tightness on my third attempt, but still got the lift. All whites.

Bench was very good, but I didn't listen to the command and racked too soon on my second attempt so got red lighted for that.

Deadlift was very good. Trained sumo for the past 8 months, but pulled conventional at the meet. All whites.

Video is all my third attempts. 408-265-441

All critique is welcome!


Nice job almost 9/9 thats a good first meet, my conventional always feels like shit after switching from strictly sumo haha


Nice work! You’ve got such a neat walkout, too.