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First Man Cured of HIV



Pretty interesting.


"transforming the disease from a sudden killer to a more manageable illness that could be lived with for decades"

Uh......HIV was never a sudden killer. God I hate stupid reporters.


So how is the government, in conjunction with the Stone Masons, going to kill "the gay" now?


I guess they will just have to start spreading crack into their communities:

Seriously though, this is the story of ONE person who had an experimental procedure done and is exhibiting preliminarily good results. Science is not built off of these types of stories, and often times these one-off examples do not pan out like they get built up to. It is interesting and provides a sliver of hope, but lets not start saying that AIDS is cured just yet.

Besides, Kevin Trudeau has been curing AIDS (along with every other disease) for decades now with fruits, berries, and grass clippings... [/sarcasm]


Honest question: What's the deal with Magic Johnson? He still has HIV but they can't find it in his system?


he sleeps on too much money for the illness to get a foothold.


He's gotten huge since diagnosis too. Lol




He injects shit loads of money into his veins, dont you watch south park?
Seriously though I think some people can build up an immunity to it. Infact the first woman who is completely immune to aids has already been found in Africa. There was some documentry about her, can only vaguely remember it.


Right? He's had to have put on close to a bill since his retirement.


Beat me to it


If I understand it correctly, HIV is managable and you can halt the progression to full blown AIDS if you've got enough money for super expensive drugs and treatments. Magic obviously can, 99% of those affected can't.


Just an uneducated question from a German kid: what happens to people in the US who can't afford the expensive medicine? Do they get AIDS and then get treated a little bit? Here in Germany everybody in need will be provided with HAART. Life expectancy is supposed to be "normal" with these drugs....


there was a thread about this a couple of weeks ago

the story itself is actually a few years old


I have worked in an HIV clinic here in the US. At the clinic I worked in, a large percentage were uninsured and received support from various programs such as Ryan White. Each patient who desired treatment was prescribed ART following collaboration from the clinicians to decide the most appropriate regimen. Also, if the patient's viral load is controlled, the patient can achieve a normal CD4 count and die of heart disease like everyone else.


Is this an update on the dude?
Because I remember a story about the Germans curing some guy of HIV months ago.


I heard people just have sex with infants and kill albinos for a cure.

@ Modern Civilization - You're doing it wrong.


This story is several years old at this point. The bone marrow route is not feasible as in order to actually give someone a marrow transplant you have to destroy all of their marrow, bring them to the brink of death, and then graft in the marrow, and then pray they accept it and their body doesn't reject it. The alternative is medicine to make the virus manageable, and keep you alive. So it's something that has a high fatality rate vs. a disease that can be managed with a pill per day.

Also people in the past have seroconverted and cleared the virus from their symptoms. The HIV virus itself wasn't even permanent until a mutation in the 1940s. There's an interesting chapter on it in Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point.


Can you elaborate a bit more? I thought HIV wasn't even discovered til the 1980s but I do not know a lot about it's history and you have piqued my interest.


I saw this documentary and it mentioned that it was originally SIV, (simian immune virus? or something like that), and it made the jump to humans when contaminated chimps were used for a polio vaccine.
See 'Origin of AIDS'