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first mag 10 cycle

Hello, I just started my first cycle today and was wondering what would be good to eat to get my carbs up to ~500g per day. Right now I currently eat rice, oatmeal, broccoli, wheat bread, and potatoes occasionally. Any other things very high in carbs so I don’t have to eat a LOT.

Sounds like you’re someone who is just looking to get in a lot of calories, regardless of whether or not they’re particularly healthy/low GI sources. Try pasta, multigrain bread, yams, wraps/tortillas, whatever. Just get it in you while “on!”

Dude, just eat anything and everything. You see some piece of food on the table? Eat it! See that baby in the stroller over there? Eat it!

I ate alot of fat along with the carbs while on mag10 and my gains were substantial. Everyday - a gallon of whole milk, a jar of natty pb, and lots of fish and flax oil.

I also made a huge pot of that bodybuilder’s chili from the old berardi article. Fill up a bowl with chili, stir in a bunch of pasta… 1300 cals.

yup, eat a ton of pasta and natural or regular PB for a mass cycle and you’ll be amazed at how many calories the smallest portions have with those two foods. Go crazy over them, for the next two weeks make yourself get sick of those foods.

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