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First Look: Cavill in Man of Steel



Scales. Not good.

Worked for Spiderman, not Supes.

Also S shield looks different.

And where is the hair curl?

Looks buffer than Routh at least.


I think it (the hair) may play better in motion than still frames. Personally, I like this look, and the casting choices so far have been encouraging.


It should've been The Cage.


Definitely Nic Cage.


Damn that picture is too CGI, you can't even tell how big he really is.

Interesting cast though, I never thought I'd see Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Russel Crowe in a movie together, about Superman nevertheless.


Look good so far. Cape looks a little long. I'd prefer they not have some CG cape that flows too much fro dramatic effect when he lands. I've had enough of that.


Anybody is better than the last guy they had play Superman. The only thing good about the last movie was Kevin Spacey.


I think Spacey is a great actor but in Returns he did his best with a pretty crappy script!


Fuck Superman, hope it bombs. Wolverine can die in a fire too.



New pics


nope, I think he cant.


Finally, looks physically great for superman imho, just hope the movie is good.