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First Long Cycle...Any Advice?


Currently 215 lbs. @14% BF, I am doing the cycle for 2 powerlifting meets that are 6 weeks apart and I need to keep my weight below 225 to make weight.

Wk 1-9: Deca 500mg/wk, Cyp. 200mg/wk
Wk 1-2: 30mg Dbol ED
Wk5-10: Oral Winny 50mg ED
Wk 11-12: Oral Winny 100mg ED

*I will keep some A-dex on hand for possible gyno from the test but the dose is very low.

Wk 1: 300mg Clomid (day 1), then 100mg/day
Wk 2,3: 50mg clomid ED, 20mg Nolva ED
Wk 4: 50mg Clomid ED

Any help would be great!


First off...up the Test to 400-500mg/week. Deca is ok. As far as I am concerned scrap the D-Bol (shit water bloat and bullshit strength).

Forget the Winny as well. IT IS NOT a cutting or strength drug. At week 5 at Trenbolone at 75mg / day through the end of the cycle. Tren is THE BEST strength drug available.


Thanks for the advice JRR. I personally LOVE tren, but I heard that it was too harsh to run for a long cycle. But, in retrospect, I think it would be a better bet than the winny. Would 150mg EOD work as well as 75mg ED? I hate stickin myself every freakin day.

I was going to use the Dbol to jump start my cycle since both the Deca and the Cyp are long acting esters and I found don't kick in for a couple weeks. I will up the cyp to 400 a week for sure.


I have been using 50mg of Tren ED for about 2 months now, Shut down is shut down in my opinion. Your gonna be shut down just as hard with 4 weeks of tren as you will with ten. But yes i second that Tren is the most powerful strength increasing anabolic out there


Tren Ace?

2 months??? That's kinda long buddy, no? Aside from the shutdown aspect, what about you kidney's and liver? No problems/are you getting bloodwork and making sure you're not ruining your health? NOt trying to preach but that seems like an awful long time to run tren 6-7 weeks (I have heard guys going longer) seemed to be the more cautious route.

BTW, 50 mgs is less then what most suggest even for ed, not bashing flaming or giving you any kind of shit. Just wondering have you used it at higher doses in the past or at all?

I'll also agree with what has been said so far. For your purposes I'd day tren, more test and decca would be great. Dbol has a decent chance of putting you over the weight you want to be at for your comp. (at least for me it's been a drug that puts on 5 lbs or so AT least even when I'm eating clean so you'd have to be really strict with your diet). And winny imo is a terrible idea for many reasons but in your particular case I seem to notice a continuing correlation between guys who use winny and hurt themselves while on or after they're off due to how brittle it makes your joints and tendons. It a shitty AAS.


yeah tren ace

I've ran it at 75mg eod and 100mg eod .
I'm 5'5 so in the off season I sit around 200 and obviously less when i lean out in the spring. But i have found no need for the dossages i have seen some people run. I have ran 1gram of test a week and found no difference between that and 600mg for myself. Anabolics give you that little push the rest is diet and training dependant.


Thanks again for all the great info. I always thought winny was decent for strength gains without putting on much weight. I also thought it would help me to shed some of the water weight I will put on useing the Deca and Test. But it isn't worth putting my joints or tendons at risk. I guess I'll swap it for some good 'ol tren.

How does 100mg EOD sound?


Should be fine but most of the vets will recomend running it ed to keep blood levels more stable. Personally i have found little difference