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First Log

I’ve been a T-Nation “follower” for quite some time, but I’m just beginning to take advantage of the perks of being a member. Just a little background info… I’m 18 years old. I started lifting when I was 14, and trained like an idiot. I started getting my act together when I was about 16, so I’d say I have about 2 years of legitimate, solid training.

Height: 5’11
Current Bodyweight: 204

From the last time I’ve maxed at the big three…

Bench: 315
Deadlift: 445
Squat: 275 (thanks to my negligence to train legs for about 2 years)

This is actually a weird time for me to begin posting my log, because next weekend I will be shipping out for Army Basic Training for ten weeks…during which I probably won’t be within a 5 mile radius of a barbell. But whatever, here we go:

Right now I’m basing my current program off of Chad Waterburry’s HFT. Most of the workouts are taken directly from his articles and his book, Huge in a Hurry, although I’ve added my own twist here and there. For those who aren’t familiar with the program, its based on morning and evening sessions. Exercises are performed in pairings (perform A1, perform A2, repeat, move onto B, etc.). Mornings are heavy, evenings are for speed/endurance.

Also, I realize that Waterburry tends to stay away from straight sets, but I post them for the sake of simplicity. And now, finally…

Tuesday 5/10/11
A.M. Session - 9:00am

A1. Conventional Deadlift: 365
A2. Weighted Dips: 65 lb dumbell attached
Sets: 4 Reps: 3

B1. Bent Rows: 205
B2. Hammer Curls: 50 lb db each hand
Sets: 4 Reps: 3

C1. Close Grip Bench: 215
C2. Shrugs: 315
Sets: 4 Reps: 3

Situps 2 x 25

1 mile run: Started at 6:47 pace, increased to 6:30 something pace midway through. This is an awesome time for me. I signed up for ROTC a couple of months ago at my school, and like I said, I’m shipping to basic next week. We have to run a certain 2 mile time, and it scared the shit put of me, considering at the time I enlisted, I could barely run a 9 min mile…

Also, as a side note, rep conversions for my deadlift don’t make any sense, I know. Sets of 365 are heavy for me, but for some reason, my body is able to do single with much heavier weight.

P.M. Session - 8:00pm
A1. Romanian Deadlifts: 185
A2. Decline Bench: 185
Sets: 3 Reps: 14

B1. Bent Rows: 135
B2. BB Curls: 65
Sets: 3 Reps: 14

C1. Weird shrug, clean, press movement with db: 25 lb each hand
C2. Bodyweight dips
Sets: 3 Reps: 14

Situps 2 x 25

Cardio can kiss my ass.

Evening sessions are pretty easy. The emphasis is to explode with the weight, and lift with as much speed as possible. That’s it for now, until tomorrow. Comments/critiques are appreciated!

Today was supposed to be an off day, but as you’ll soon find out, I don’t really like those. I felt like shit this morning, and almost just slept in. Felt like shit in the gym, so I kind of ditched early. My body is really taking a toll on these two a days, and I am actually considering getting a raincheck on today’s off day for tomorrow.

Wednesday 5/11/11

A.M. Session (and most likely only session of today) - 9:30am
A1. Squats: 225
A2. Bent Rows: 205
Sets: 4 Reps: 4

B1. Military Press: 135
B2. Rope Press Downs: I dont remember/care, they mean nothing
Sets: 4 Reps:4

C1. Bodyweight Pullups
C2. Incline BB Bench: 185
Sets: 2 Reps: 6

Abs: There’s aways tomorrow to grow a six pack.

Cardio: Started at a 15:00 2 mile pace. My legs just stopped working after 5 minutes.

Today was a sad day in the weight room. Not only did I not perform up to par, but just before heading out, I saw a picture of Vinnie Paz, one of my favorite artists from the group Army of the Pharaohs. I love his style and delivery, but I was expecting something a little more menacing than what I saw. I’d post a picture, but technology is holding me back.

For now, I’m just going to relax and enjoy the nice weather, hangout with my niece, and end the night with a little Black Ops. I don’t anticipate heading to the gym tomorrow, but you never know. Until then…

Friday 5/13/11

A.M. Session

A1. Weighted Pull Ups: 35
A2. Rope Press Downs: who cares

B1. Incline BB Bench: 195
B2. Squats: 225

C1. DB Rows: 130 db
C2. Weighted Dips: 70

All Pairings were done for 5 sets of 3.

Situps: 2x25

I was pressed for time towards the end and didn’t have time for cardio- gonna save that for later tonight. Overall, I feel well recovered after taking yesterday off. I leave for training in 9 days, so I’m trying to get as much in as possible. Time to stop typing.

P.M. Session

A1. Bodyweight Pullups
A2. Bodyweight Dips

B1. Front Squat: 135
B2. Standing DB Press: 40 DB

C1. Bench w/ chains: 185 without weight of chains
C2. Standing Cable Row: some amount of plates

I kind of just did my own thing on this one due to a mass mixture of being bored, pissed off, and feeling good. All pairings were done with a target of 24 total reps. One of Waterburry’s main principles is to not count the sets but the reps- in other words, there is no required number of reps for each set, but instead stop the set when a) your rep is noticeably slwoer or b) your form changes.

The last pairing was a little bit of a shot in the dark. I’ve only worked with chains once or twice before, so I decided to use them today since they were available. Not entirely sure how much they weigh though. Standing cable rows were taken from Waterburry. It’s different…I like how other muscles are still involved by maintaining your balance, but at the same time, the weight that can be used is obviously much less than if seated.

And on a final note, I encourage everyone to watch Goodwill (or Good Will?) Hunting immediately. Saw it for the first time before I left for the gym, and have a completely newfound respect for Matt Damon and Robin Williams. See ya tomorrow.

Saturday 5/14/11

A1. Bench: 235
A2. DB Rows: 130 db

B1. Romanians: 275
B2. Hammer Curls: 50 lb db

C1. BB Shrugs: 315
C2. Neutral Grip Pull Ups
C3. Weighted Dips: 1 plate

Mile and a half in a little under 12 mins…fuck

All pairings were done for 5 sets of 4 reps. Today was pretty busy for me, so I couldn’t make the two-a -days today. Saturdays aren’t usually two-a-day sessions, but I got bumped back because I took an off-day thursday. On a normal Saturday, I would go into the gym for one session and do Martin Rooney’s bodyweight challenge. Check out his article “Train Like a Man Pt 2” - a lot of really good stuff there. And I also have both of his books, which are also very very insightful. Tomorrow is supposed to be Sadiv Sets, but I might just do my own thing…really gotta get my 2 mile run time in check.

Now, time to babysit my niece…Sorry Rooney, but none of your Warrior challenges are harder than this! Later everyone.