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First Light Cycle and Clen

hey everyone!

A few things here…

I’m 27, been lifting religiously for 10 years.

6’1 194. Around 12- 14 % Bf

Have used mag 10 and every other supp on the market and eat like a champ, except at night, when I go nuts a bit.

Anyway, have a HELL of a time getting rid of love handles- even when the abs are starting to show. Thinking of taking some clenbuterol. From what I’ve seen, 2 weeks on clen, 2 weeks e/c works the best- accoring to googling with bill roberts.

Can I really expect to get these handles off?? w/ a 95% clean diet?

I’m hitting berardi’s nutrition plan.

Second Question
Thinking about throwing something anabolic into the mix- now, later, whenever.

No needles.
Something I can gain about 10 lbs lean mass, and hold onto most of it

Something thats not going to give crazy side effects- something that clomid will take care of.

Thanks! Clayton

Needles are your friend. Put it in perspective: which is worse, finishing that last rep of squats or having someone jab a little needle into your ass? If you said the needle, then you probably need to start lifting with a little more intensity before you start using.

Once again here is the clen protocol I use, good luck! and yes AAS will help you cut - especially tren at 75-100mg/day and winny 50 inject/day or 75 oral per day. There is no magic pill though, you diet has to be on target and you have to do the work in the gym.

Clen protocol for ventipulmin syrup:
Go to the pharmacy and get a small (100ml) empty bottle. Next ask the pharmacist for a medication syringe (used for cough syrup for children).
Pump the clen in the smaller bottle and draw what you need with the syringe.
Start with 1/2ml twice a day but not after 4pm (you might have a hard time sleeping) Increase dose ed by 1/2ml x 2.
If you experience severe shakes or splitting headaches, decrease the does to what you took the last time without those symptoms before increasing again.

1ml = 25 mcg.
You can go up to 140-160 mcg safely (you shouldn?t need more than that)

in 2 divided doses:

1st day 1ml (25mcg)
2nd day 2ml (50mcg)
3rd day 3ml (75mcg)
4th day 4ml (100mcg)
5th day 5ml (125mcg)
6th day 6ml (150mcg)
7th same
8th same
9th same
10th same
11th day 5ml (125mcg)
12th day 4ml (100mcg)
13th day 3ml (75mcg)
14th day 2ml (50mcg)

off for 2 weeks and then start cycle again for a total (on/off) of 12 wks.
(You should use an ECA for the 2 wks off clen)

The reason for tapering off is that some people get ill effects from stopping “cold turkey”
In my case I don’t have that problem so I can keep it at a higher dose longer.

read the post before you reply- don’t tell me about not having the rest of my shit in order

Anyway, IS there anything you can take- like a mag- 10, but stronger, with less side effects?

You should look into taking 5 htp at night to help control your hunger. Someone recommended it a while ago and I tried it while cutting and it worked well for me also.