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First Lean Bulk Cycle

Hey, I’m looking to run my first cycle, I have been training since around 17 around 10 years however the first few years diet was all over the place drinking most weekends ect… I have been training solid with a pretty good diet for 18 months now and I think it’s time to try the dark side. Looking to gain some weight with not to many sides ect,

After research I have come up with the following cycle. any recommendations for improvements ect? Looking for minimum sides and would like to still be able to have sex with the Mrs after!

Age : 27
Ft : 5’6
Kg : 79
Bf: around 15% according to my smart scales so its prob wrong…

Weeks 1 – 6:
500mg per week Sustanon 250, (Mon &Thurs)
25mg per day Dianabol,
0.5mg Arimidex every other day

Weeks 7 – 10:
500mg per week Sustanon 250
0.5 Arimidex every other day

Weeks 10-12:
500mg per week sustanon 250
0.5 Arimidex every other day

Weeks 14-17 nova 40,40,20,20

Thanks in advance!

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