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First Layer Workout: I'm Sold

Did my first layer workout today w high pulls. Ramped up to 215, did clusters, HDL sets, then a few sets of OHP.

First off, I had more vascularity in the gym today than I’ve ever had, ever. Second, on OHP 135 felt literally like a feather, and that weight is usually somewhat difficult

Thx CT!

Final split is

High pull + few sets OHP
Inc bench
High pull + few sets OHP
Decline bench
Squat OR floor deads
Off or repeat

Question:1 does anyone do regulat Olympic squats or do u “have” to do bottom up from pins?

I do some regular Front Squats after my High Pull session. The benefit to doing the Front Squats from the Pins would generally be for those who compete in Oly lifting.

Sawright is correct. I quickly switched the front/back squats from pins for their “regular” variations because setting up several times under the pinned bar during a cluster proved to be more tiring than “racking, taking 3 deep breath, unrack, squatting…”