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First Labs, TRT Appt. Next Week (Ranges Added)

Okay, so I am brand new to this and have been attempting to do as much research as possible. Below are my lab results…and it doesn’t look great considering I am 30 years old. Let me know what you guys think. I have an appointment next week with the doc, and I’m hoping to have some talking points before going in; at least some idea if/what I should be on.

FYI I’m probably about 30lbs overweight(fat), I lift and do cardio 4-5 times per week. Gains have sucked in the last 4 years plus I put fat on super easy, and have a very hard time losing it. No health issues aside from all the symptoms of low-t.

LH: 4.8
FSH: 2.9
Test, serum: 274
Free Test (direct): 10.4
Prolactin: 10.4
Estradiol: 14.6 (ECLIA method)


Ranges need to be added


Looks like the standard low t labs. There is plenty of info here. Learn all you can and get more complete labs. Reading here You should already know the deal about Drs. GPS and endos, if they will treat you at all will usually be inefective, and 99% of the time will deffinitly not optimize your levels. So if You want (probably wont develop heart disease and to feel mediocre) then stick with insurance Drs. If You want (optimal and feeling great) you will pay a good portion out of pocket. My insurance covers my labs but not treatment or meds. This means they cant dictate anything about my treatment.

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Thanks, I appreciate it.

When I started to your TRT with a Kaiser endo 4 weeks after starting TRT she was more than happy with 440 trough at the end of the week because the levels was in range, she really had no idea cardiovascular disease is associated with levels <440 and I was right at the limit!

I had to educate her and bring in a study showing I was right, the patient educating the doctor, imagine that! Doctors aren’t educated or taught sex hormones or TRT in medical school so right off the bat you are more than likely going to be working with someone who is operating on almost zero knowledge.

Lower SHBG men often do best on multiple injection rather than one large injection, some can feel the hormone declining 4-5 days after an injection, two or more injections fixes that issue by keeping levels elevated 24/7.

Your levels are textbook low T labs. The low estrogen is concerning, low estrogen causes osteoporosis. That’s why old men have weak frail bones.

Thank you. What should I look for as far as dosing? I know this is different for every person, and different doctors have different methods. I just want to try to gauge if my dr knows what they are doing or not.