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First Labs, T @ 203, E2 < 5

Dairy operations used to use iodine teat wash that leaked iodine into milk. Such products have been displaced. But the notion that iodine is in milk lingers just like their used to be iodine in bread. Depends on where you live! - I did ask…

Thyroid: Your fT4 is good. fT3, the active hormone, is mid-range and should be supporting good body temperatures. You low body temperatures strongly suggest that rT3 is blocking fT3. See references to adrenal fatigue, rT3 and Wilson’s book in the thyroid basics sticky.

Some of this is from not using iodized salt.

You shouldn’t have sore nipples with such a low E2. Weird… stop flicking them? LOL

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Just checking in to update my thread after about two months of TRT.

After the last set of results (total T at 578 ng/dL) I increased the dose slightly to 160mg/week, aiming for slightly higher free T. As of today my levels are:

Total T: 16.59 nmol/L (479 ng/dL)
Free T: 0.354 nmol/L (10.20 ng/dL)
E2: 34.13 pmol/L (9.3 pg/mL)
SHBG: 32.54 nmol/L

Not sure what my body is doing with all the testosterone!

The unchanged E2 is expected because I took a 1mg anastrozole tablet about a week ago. I was experiencing some shortness of breath (like I couldn’t take a full breath) and thought E2 might finally have spiked high, but apparently not, so that must have been something else. It went away after a couple of days. All my red blood counts are normal and pretty much unchanged from their pre-TRT levels.

My sore nipple escalated into full on pointyness and soreness of both nipples, which seemed to come hand in hand with mood swings and some mild acne. All that disappeared with the 1mg anastrozole. Maybe I’m just particularly sensitive to changes in E2 despite the absolute levels still being low.

Weirdly, I’m actually starting to feel better (not tired all the time), and have felt better this last week after taking the anastrozole.

In summary TRT seems to be working. I’m not sure whether I should increase my dose as 160mg/week is already pretty high and I’m not a large animal. Long term I would be concerned about cholesterol on a higher dose (although my cholesterol has actually improved since being on TRT for some reason – HDL greatly increased such that the total:HDL ratio is favourably affected).

Thanks everyone for your input so far. Oh and KSMan, I’m in the UK as you can probably tell from my weird spelling :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s weird that you are not getting higher with such a high dose considering the rest of your labs. Its not being aromatized and your SHBG is low. KSman may have some input but I don’t have a clue./