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First Labs on TRT

Hey all,
Just started trt and have results from the first 6 weeks. My protocol right now is 160mg test cyp IM once a week and anastrozole .5mg day of injection.

Lab results pre test
Prolactin 8.63ng/ml
Chol total 179mg/dl
HDL 51mg/dl
LDL 113mg/dl
Triglycerides 51
Test total 129ng/dl
Test free serum 3.6pg/ml (9.3-26.5)
Estradiol 9.4pg/ml

6weeks into trt:
Cholesterol 175mg/dl
HDL 51mg/dl
LDL 110mg/dl
Triglycerides 58
Vitamin D 50ng/dl
Ast 23u/l
Alt 20u/l
Psa 0.6
Test total 1019ng/dl
Test free 279.2pg/ml (35-155)
Estradiol 62 pg/ml
.Also it seems since i went to a different lab for the post trt and the free test result is alittle different i guess based on the test. The second lab was from quest and the first from my job (hospital).Any recommendations on updating protocol before i see the dr again. Was thinking of lowering dose or adding more anastrozole for my estradiol being high. I felt great first couple weeks but now libido is low again and feeling lethargic.

Lowering the dose would probably be the better idea. A second dose of the AI 2 days later would be the other option - or even splitting the current AI dose over two days.

You can alway inject multiple times per week to lower estrogen, then you can either decrease the anastrozole or stop it altogether. Your estrogen will be lower the more frequent and smaller the injection.

I currently inject 160mg on wed, how should i go about splitting injections to twice a week? Just start with first 80mg injection this wed and then again saturday?

I inject daily sub-q @ 180mg/week and with a 2000 total T level my estrogen is about the same as yours and I don’t take an AI. The daily injections cut my estrogen in half and raised my total T by 500. I’m in the process of lowering my dose to 120mg/week daily sub-q shots to bring it down as my current dose is a bit much.