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First Labs at 8 Week Mark. Suggestions, No Libido/Erections

Total Testosterone: 939.2 ng/do
SHBG: 30 nmol/L
Free Test: 225.63 pg/ml
E2: 65.90 pg/ml

These results were obtained on 150mg test cyp a week prescribed by my doctor. Pinning once a week on Friday evening. Labs were taken on the Monday near the peak. Running no AI or HCG. I’m 42 6’4" 315lbs. No desire for more kids so not worried about balls. Around the 3 or 4 week mark I experienced a couple of days where I was actually getting spontaneous erections and had a sex drive. Then it vanished and I got high E2 symptoms, erect sensitive nipples and the area hurt when pushed on. Those symptoms have pretty much disolved. I want the libido and erections back. Obviously E2 is high and I need to get it between 20-30. Is it possible to drop E2 enough by pinning twice a week and lowering to 125mg a week or is an AI almost mandatory. I love the test levels, just not the E2, no libido, and ED. Any help is appreciated. I am lifting and doing cardio as I can since I know higher body fat content aromatizes more test.

I would def pin 2x a week at 60mg each. If you have an AI you can take a one time dose at .50 Mg arimidex. If not you need to wait 4-5 weeks anyway and redo labs at lower dose. Than you can decide whether to lower dose more to 100mg a week or start a regular ai dose.
Erections def tied to e2. When I was injecting 1 a week I went from having 2-3 days a week of good erection to barely 1 day after a few weeks.

I ended up taking .25 ai at my 50mg pins 2x a week. Just did labs to see where I am at. Can’t wait to see results.

Also , while dialing in I started daily Cialis at 3mg a day so i get consistent erections everyday. I plan on continuing the Cialis because it is giving me other benefits to. Like better exercise, seeing my veins, and slightly lowering my blood pressure. I may go up to 5mg a day.

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How does Cialis do that? Lower BP would result in less of a pump, no?


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You should post ranges with your lab values.

Your SHBG is decent enough to where you can do twice a week shots, and yes that will help with e2. Are you also doing SQ? Should also help with e2 conversion.

Sounds like your e2 spiked initially, (probably from the excess test you had still floating in your system) and then came back down to a “manageable” level. Obviously its still high. Just be careful with your approach, low e2 is a nightmare and has its own host of issues.

Also, if you do split the dose up into 2 shots, be aware that you are basically increasing your dose. (you will stay at a higher TT at more stable levels) You can easily get to a higher total test, when injecting more frequently, so be aware of that, and adjust accordingly.

Please post all of your labs with ranges.

With weekly injections your levels peak then fall. Your lab timing then largely determines your lab results.

Inject twice a week, subq provides smoother T levels
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections.

Always do labs halfway between injections. Time of office visits can be wrong.

When E2 is elevated or high, nothing that you suggested works sufficiently.

Some guys and their wife/GF find testicular image. Some get 24x7 dull ache in the testes. Testes still provide some important hormone rolls on hCG [pregnenolone]. Some guys feel an immediate improvement in mood with hCG, suggesting LH receptors in the brain.

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Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay (Roche Diagnostics)

Total Test: 939.2 249-836ng/dl range
SHBG: 30 10-57nmol/L range
Free Test: 225.63 30-150pg/ml range
E2: 65.90 <39.81pg/ml
My hemocrit, RBC count, and hemoglobin were all normal.

My doctor won’t prescribe an AI. His words were, “I don’t mess with multiple hormones.” Although he did say he could refer me to an Endocrinologist friend. I inject in the glute. I definitely think lowering the dose is probably a good idea since my free test seems to be good and could come down a few notches. Just need to convince my wife to pin me twice a week. She already thinks im crazy since it hasn’t started “Working” yet. She doesnt understand and thinks its an instant magic love making potion. I feel like I’m right there on the edge of wonderfulness. Decent mood, muscles feel full, good workouts. A libido and erections would make everything perfect.

Injecting in glute is old school, inject in outer thigh muscles. You can more easily see what you are doing. There are YouTube videos showing how.

Google “research chemicals liquid anastrozole” if he won’t prescribe you an AI.