First Lab Results, Elevated E2

Hi all,

Just received lab results after about four weeks of 150mg test cyp using Monday/Thursday injection schedule, no AI, no HCG.

Total test: 1161
Free test: 163 pg/ ml
Estradiol: 48 pg/ml (ref range < 39)
SHBG: 39

I want to add in adex and am debating a suggested dose. I’ve read the sticky suggested 1mg / week but would appreciate feedback on whether that still makes sense if it’s “only” elevated naturally to 48. It was 28 before beginning this protocol (on no trt). Would you jump straight to 1mg/week or start at .5mg / week (either in divided doses) and see where that goes?

Having followup appointment with doc tomorrow. I wasn’t surprised at this result. While I am pretty lean I’ve felt the effects over the last couple weeks of the rising E2 (lower libido, more tired, etc).


Start with 1mg per week and see where that gets you. You will feel the symptoms of high E fade away within 3 to 4 weeks at which point you could retest and/or adjust your dosage as needed.

If you are anything like me I would start with .25mg a week and slowly increase if needed. My E was around 70 and I started taking 1mg a week with 120mg C weekly and felt like shit fast, way worse then with high E2. Ended up using .25mg AI weekly. But apparently I’m one of the few people that actually feel better with slightly higher E.

my advice… be very careful with Arimidex it can put a hurting on you if not carefull. The prescription stuff anyway, not sure about the RC stuff.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. It seems like testing is the only way to get it dialed in. I feel like shit now but having read about what it feels like to be low E it sounds like that could be even worse. Will discuss amounts of pharma adex w/ physician. Appreciate it.

I’m on 100 mg twice a week. I took the prescribed 1 mg twice a week. Sex drive crashed very fast. With all of the other symptoms it was clear my E was low. I got my lab done before adjusting my dose and it was less than 0.05!!! I fiddled with the dose a bit and found 0.5mg 3 times a week was good for me. I’ve yet to get another lab to verify, but I’ve ran high and low and feel really good now

Interesting, thank you. I got pharma grade adex prescribed for .5 / week in two divided doses, going to see if that gets me back in range without plummeting me too far below and test again in 2-3 weeks. Seems like a wide range of potential doses all things considered…

Have you read the stickies?

Hi KSMan, yes, I have, they’ve been very helpful thus far. Are you asking because I haven’t posted full background information? If so that’s because I was looking for very specific feedback on E2 management and thought I gave enough “current status” information to provide context. I can definitely go back and fill in all other details (was rushed when posted originally). Would that be helpful? Thanks for taking the time to write those stickies.

Yes, as you suspected.