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First Lab Results After Starting TRT: What Do You Think?

Started 20% T Creme and oral HCG about 6 weeks ago.

HRT Dr. says he’d like to get my T a little higher. What do you think?

Here are the latest stats:
TSH 2.3 (ref .4-4.5)
T3 Free 3.5 (ref 2.3-4.2)
T4 Free 0.9 (ref .8-1.8)
IGF 171 (ref 50-317)
DHEA 493 (ref 38-313) note: taking supplements per Dr.
T Free 155 (ref 35-155)
SHBG 34 (ref 22-77)
T Total 869 (ref 250-1100)
Vit D TTL 46 (ref 30-100)

Thank you!

Oral hcg?

No estrogen number?

How do you feel?

Your free t looks really good.

I see no reason to get Total testosterone higher. Your free T is perfect at the top of the range. I would stay where you are as long as the gel holds steady. It may lose its effectiveness over time.

Your doctor is looking to fill more scripts, levels are perfection.

I would rely on how I felt. Those are pretty good numbers, but they are just numbers. More cream will likely mean more estrogen.

It’s HCG in a small candy that you put under your tongue and let dissolve. Made by a compounding pharmacy. My Rx is to dissolve one each day, 2 days in a row weekly.

FYI- I’m not buying the Rx drugs from the doc, so I don’t think he has an incentive to prescribe more.

The compound pharmacy knows who’s giving them business💰.

I’ve read in the past that HCG sublingual does not work well because molecules are to large to be absorbed by mouth.
In case you want to research further.

I bet you those HCG lozenges are expensive?

You still have not said how you feel?
Also which Dr do you see in the Nyc area?

Also here is your original thread

My Dr is in CA. The price in the HCG is fine by me. I’d prefer not to do the shots.