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First Lab Results, Advice?

Hello, 37M, 185lbs, 6’1 ~15% bodyfat here. Meat based keto diet.

Got my first labs back. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I’m assuming that you’re symptomatic, and you had these labs run, and you are wanting advice on whether or not you should start TRT?

If this is the case, you’ll need a more thorough panel before we can give you any real advice. You need a full thyroid panel, CBC’s and lipids along with what you have here.

Also, a little history? What does your life and daily habits look like leading up to the labs? Medications? Alcohol / Drugs (prescription or not)? Underlying known medical conditions? Diet? Sleep? Every detail you can think of will help to answer your questions.

I’ve noticed in the last year or two that I cannot recover from exercise like i used to, and my libido is pretty low. This test was performed by a TRT Clinic, and they will be doing additional testing in a week. What testing, I’m not sure, but I’m guessing the more thorough panel you’re talking about.

I have embodied a very healthy lifestyle over the last 1-2 years, following a meat based ketogenic diet. I haven’t had any alcohol for 8 months, I don’t do any recreational drugs, nor am I on prescriptions. I get good sleep, 7-8 hours a night, and have no known underlying health conditions. I prefer not to even take ibuprofen. I do take Magnesium, fish oil, circumin and creatine.

I used to think all of these things were minor, but at 37 have learned how integral they are, and non-negotiable. Because everything else in life is really well in check, I am surprised that total T has come back low for any reason. While asking the urologist questions, I asked what typically happens after the next round of tests. He said they typically would put someone like me on 100mg per week of test cypionate, and test every 60-90 days to adjust.

I am posting this because I am really new as to what this information means for me, and I’ve met some smart experienced people here over the years. I have no basis for comparison when it comes to how I feel, so it’s hard to figure out how proactive I should be about this. Hoping for some insight in this journey from people who are experienced.

I’d say you’re T is low and you are estrogen dominant. Why Is the question. Have you had a sleep study done? Do you snore? What are your symptoms? Where is your vitamin D level? And like bmbrady mentioned, thyroid tests will be important too.

You sound like you’re barking up the right tree. It would be presumptuous to recommend anything really at this point as to what course of action. Still too many unknowns. As @NH_Watts stated, we need to get to WHY your hormones took a shit.

The other labs could also identify potential pitfalls or obstacles in your way to getting a good treatment plan going. Post your other labs when you get them and maybe we could be of more help.

Werent you also steered away from keto for some reason(s)? Was that a TRT thing or a general thing? @demonthrall How long on keto?

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I sure was and great memory!!

Keto absolutely wrecked my lipids, and TRT contributes to higher lipid profiles for some people on top of that. That’s why I got away from it.

It’s just not a good idea long term for anyone really (true Keto, not the modified higher protein versions…). Low protein and carbs along with high fats will force the body into a starvation mode (which is why ketone levels elevate on this diet). There is a hormonal penalty to pay for that over time…

The OP stated he was doing a “meat based” keto, so I’m guessing that means that he is keeping his protein intake on the moderate to higher end. Those modifications seem to do well for fat loss while keeping most of your mass, and also to keep a small amount of glucose in the blood stream which is CRUCIAL for brain function, but even that long term can start affecting hormone profiles… You just can’t starve yourself of certain macros and expect the body to have a healthy balance.

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