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First Lab Comparison - Crazy Swings

So I had my first labs done pre TRT in October. Last Friday I had labs done and got the results today. On my first Labs I did not have Free T and SHBG which you will see on my second labs as I opted to pay for them as you guys mentioned you can give me more insight with this info. With that being said I have tons of “warnings” reading HIGH all over my new labs. What do I need to worry about here? I feel fine. The last month life got in the way and I completely missed going to the gym. Outside of that diet and everything is still good. My Hematocrit is silly high to… my estrodial went from 6 pre TRT to 70s now… Can you guys help enlighten me a bit? Please see attached PDF files.

Your test is crazy high. That’s where I shoot for mid cycle. Are you on cycle? What is your dose?

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Nope. Just TRT. 200mg. Split into .5cc Every Monday and Friday mornings… no cycle

TRT causes erythrocytosis, the same thing that occurs at high altitude. The hematocrit isn’t alarmingly high, the international recognized the top of the ranges is 54%.

Damn! I get to a little over 700 ng/dl per every 100 mg/wk and that’s considered high. It would take me 500 mg/wk to get over 3000.

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Yeah, I don’t quite understand either how it went from 400 pre TRT to over 3000 on TRT. The Dr. wants to call and discuss things I’m sure he wants to dial me back. My girlfriends going to be highly disappointed. I’ve been good for like three or four 45 minute+ sessions a day. No wonder.

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Don’t know if you care, but your name & dob are visible on those docs.

Yeah, I’d want to retest as I wouldn’t believe those numbers. For comparison, I take 180mg/week in 3 doses and mine is 2000 points lower than yours.

Looks like you pinned 100mg on a Monday and got your blood test on a Wednesday? Partially explains the high numbers.

Next time get the blood test Friday morning before pinning.

No I pinned Monday morning 100mg and took labs Friday before pinning.

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I appreciate that. I made sure to clear address out, the other info doesn’t bother me. I also am wondering if I need to retest. I talk to the Dr on Monday and will see what he says.

Oops. You are correct. I must have been looking at the wrong month on my calendar.

Doc wants to switch to .8cc twice a week. Also to start taking my Anastrozole for my high estrogen. Was also recommended to make back to back blood donations rather then wait 8 weeks apart do to my high hematocrit. What does everyone think?

How much did he tell you to take?

My guess whatever he said will be too much.

My e2 is usually like yours, 70-80pg, and .125mg brings me low enough to feel good. .25mg is usually too much.

Just start small with it

.25mg twice a week (with each injection of .4cc cyp)

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They are telling me I need to donate blood back to back days (therapeutic phlebotomy) due to my high hematocrit levels what do you think?

I think you need a new doctor because your hematocrit is not high. People who live in high altitude experience erythrocytosis and aren’t told by their doctors to do back to back therapeutic phlebotomies. TRT also causes erythrocytosis and is one of the benefits of TRT.

Your doctor is behaving as if you have Polycythemia Vera which is a blood disorder than can cause clotting. A lack of proper training is the problem here.

I do know many people on TRT who donate blood regularly to control elevated rbc count/hematocrit. High hematocrit levels can lead to high blood viscosities, which is not desirable.

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I wouldn’t do that

@systemlord it is irresponsible for you to give this advice to @animosity2k without understanding his inflammation status, cRP, other health issues… No, his Provider is behaving as if he has erythrocytosis secondary to his high exogenous Test usage. OP, you may want to consider dropping your dose if you are in this for the long haul. Clotting risk is not the primary concern with high Hct and an Hct of 54 or 51 or XX may not mean the same thing for two different individuals. You also have to consider each individual’s plasma viscosity (Hint: search these forums for that term) which when combined with Hct will govern whole blood viscosity.

@systemlord You are giving guys way too much overconfidence in my opinion.

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I am not in a very high elevation area, it’s only 800 MSL here. With that being said what direction do you recommend I go if you guys disagree with my Dr.s recommendation?