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First Injections.

just wondering how you guys all did your first injections…

did you have someone do it for you, show you how, or did you figure it all out on your own?

All by my little lonesome. . .



Another thing to consider is that you might pick a spot to inject and it may hurt like hell but if you move your pin 1/2" in almost any direction the pain may be almost non-existant…or you may have to try again…so I’ve heard.

[quote]hueyOT wrote:
did you have someone do it for you, show you how, or did you figure it all out on your own?[/quote]

I did it all on my own, by myself. I read the step-by-step instructions out of a magazine. I’m telling you, I was paranoid. I stared at the pic in the magazine for 45 minutes while I tried to stick the pin in. I never sweat so hard in my life OUTSIDE of the gym. It’s quite funny now that I think back…

Hey bud,

Yeah, the process really is a bit of test of courage. I’ll try to give you the info I would have liked when I did my first injection.

  • Process -
    As mentioned above, go to www.spotinjections.com and follow the ALL tips on how to inject yourself. During my first injection I had this webpage open and basically followed it word for word. Make sure you don’t skip any of the sanitary steps either, like washing your hands, swabing, etc. All the steps are a big must, and if you take short cuts your chances of infection will go up significantly. Try reading the process over a few times over the course of a few days, so you’ve got the steps reasonably commited to memory.

  • Site -
    Pick a spot to do your injection. There are a zillion pics on that spotinjections website, so you should have a reasonable idea of where to stick it.

I personally go with the upper quads. Why? Well, the first dummy shot a nurse gave me (I’ll cover this later) was in this spot, so I’m confident with it. The upper-outter quadrant is basically fair game. If you stand up, put your finger on your hip bone, and slide it down about 8-9 inches. Keep your finger on that point, now sit down. Keeping your finger at that point on your leg, slide it around until it’s touching the very top of your quads. Now slide it back around (to the outside) about two inches. That’s where I shoot.

I’ve found this point to be totally and completely painless on both legs. I’ve also gone lower by about half a foot, and that was also fine, but put my leg out of action for a few days with post injection pain, so I stay up higher as much as possible.

I also prefer the quads as they’re plain easy from a positioning perspective. No twisting, easy to aspirate, no contortioning(sp) of arms to get it all done. You can stay very relaxed with it all, which is important your first time.

  • Injection -
    This is perhaps the least talked about area, or so I have found from an advice perspective. So I’ll try to cover it clearly for you. I use 23guage needles for injection. I won’t go over the loading of the gear, use the process on spotinjections for that. OK, you’ve got the gear ready, you’ve swabed, and you’re sweating your arse off as you now have to stick yourself… hehehe… the fun bit!

Now hold the plunger kind of like a dart, and rest the tip of the needle on the place you’re going to inject. I always like to do this so I feel the prick of the tip. Don’t press it hard, just rest it there. (If you like, practise this with a sharp pencil to get the idea of what it feels like without the stress).

Now take a deep breath, and as you exhale slide/push the needle into your muscle. Now the needle is BLOODY SHARP! Meaning… well I’m 99% sure it WILL NOT hurt you. However I am sure that it will take very little pressure to go in. You will break skin very easily, and there will be no resistance. I can virtually guarantee this. If you go too slow it may sting a little. Just give it a nice push - it should take less than half a second to go in.

Let me tell you that I’ve never EVER felt any pain from sliding a needle into myself - EVER!

You want to go in fairly quick, but try not to push it in right up the hilt, although don’t stress if you do.
Just pull it out a fraction so some of the needle is showing.

And there you go! You big roider! hehehe Just follow spotinjections for the rest of the process. Oh, and it took me nearly 3 full minutes to inject the first time. I had 2mls of Test Cyp to inject. The actual injection is sometimes just slightly uncomfortable, but I’ve never found it stressful as such.

I can’t say whether your actual gear will give you pain as you inject, but mine never has. Just take it very slow, your body will tell what it can handle. Don’t be afraid to have the pin hanging out of your leg (or wherever) for five minutes or so if you have to.

You may find that the needle comes out and goes in a little as you inject, but this is virtually painless. And don’t forget to aspirate!

Feel free to PM me if you’ve got other questions I haven’t covered by the way.

It may help to have a close friend or relative who knows what you’re doing with you. Have them read the spotinjections process and double check everything as you go.

I mentioned I had a dummy injection when I started - the Doc that does my blood work offered for his nurse to give me a dummy saline injection in the quads to get me used to it. She did a sh!t job, but it helped me a little.

I know it doesn’t really help to say it, but it’s just not as bad as you are probably thinking it is. I’ve done 7 injections now (yep, just a newbie), and have my eigth tomorrow. And damn it I can’t wait! I’m even tempted to do it tonight I’m that fired up for it! But I’ll restrain myself…

When it comes down to it, it all depends on how much you want it. Since I started 3.5 weeks ago, and although I’m retaining a lot of water, I’ve packed on 26lbs already…!!! I kid you not. I’ve outgrown all my clothes and everyone is looking at me funny…!

If you eat like mad, train like mad, and inject safely… well, is conquering the injection challenge worth 26lbs in 3.5 weeks for you…?

Good luck bud.

In all honesty, my first injection was the worst one I’ve ever had. I FL 500mg test in each quad the same day and was limping around for about a week. My next injection was in my glute and went very smooth.
I wound up shooting 2.5cc in each quad and I think this is what did me in. I’d suggest shooting 1cc in the quad if it’s your first time to see how you’ll respond. I’d actually recommend a newbie to go in the glute as there’s more room for error…just remember to stay high and to the outside and you’ll be fine.


Another tip that wasn’t mentioned was running your gear under hot water before you inject.

Once evrything’s loaded up, just turn on the tap. I have found that this can make a world of difference for your first couple of shots. It goes in soo much smother. When using Test Propionate, I do it everytime.

Give it a Shot!!

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Nurse did my first injection, then I did my own.

That’s a riot!!! My first shot took me 40 minutes to muster up the nuts and I sweat like a stuck pig (no pun intended).

Oddly enough now it doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t sweat a drop.

All by myself…i have injected countless people before(i am in my last year of MBBS{same as MD})but shit man i was sweating as hell and took me 20 mins for 2 shots…i always do it in my thigh its very easy to access … it doesn,t hurt man…remember to aspirate … some shots will be sore after a few day espacially the ones that are very concentrated (too many mg in a cc)…also i think 3cc is the limit anything more in one shot is painfull and the plunger is too hard to press… just know what you are doing always aspirate and take special care of disinfecting the skin to be injected always use a new needle for every shot because an infection in the injection site is the worst steroid related side effect