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First Injection


Today I had my cherry popped. First injection of a frontload of 800ml EQ, 2 CC's in each glute. After my buddy helped with the first injection in my right glute, it was my turn to put the following 2 CC's in my left(unassisted). I had the syringe ready, sanitary buttcheek, and a sharpie-drawn box on my ass for precision. With my cakes exposed, I sat motionless with the needle about one centimeter away from my skin. I stood there for at LEAST 10 minutes, urging myself mentally to just stick the damn thing in. Finally,after a few deep breaths,and some positive reassurance, I made a quick, smooth motion, and the needle went easily through the skin and glided into the muscle. After aspirating to see only bubbles, my confidence grew dramatically. The oily substance then went slowly and smoothly into the muscle.

After sanitizing, and massaging the insertion point, I experienced little to no soreness. I think pre-heating the liquid with a warming pad helped dramatically.

My reason for this post is to let others,like myself, whom are faced with first injections that feeling scared-worried-paranoid is absolutely normal and it is actually a pain-free and easy process when one is completely prepared. Being lucky enough to have assistance, as I did is also a good idea if that is available to you.

Any of you vets remember your first experience sticking yourselves?

I can tell me next injection will be a cake walk



Yup. I was ALOT less learned then you on the topic. Granted I had everything I needed and new how to run it, I never came across any info on gauge size or how painful certain types of gear are. I pinned my quad pretty low (which I never do anymore) with 2 cc's of IP sust 250 and 1 cc of eq. Couldnt' walk right for days.

Congrats bro, always remember to sterilize.


My best friend and I both started on the same day many years ago-I gave him his with no problem-he was a chicken shit and wouldn't give me mine, so I talked his girlfriend into it-needless to say, I think a blind crack head going through withdrawls could have given a better "poke"-after I convinced her to stop shaking while the pin was fully submersed, she managed to push 3cc of sus into my ass in less than 3 seconds-she almost ruined my "juicin" forever-hey, at least she didn't break the pin off-


Wait a second.. you're only running EQ?


I hope you mean 800mgs of Eq, not 800mls...800mls is just about a quarter gallon of Eq.

Yeah...it wasn't too great, and I developed a bit of an aversion to injecting myself for awhile. I eventually did a cycle with 50mg/ml Eq, and had to shoot like 3x a week, which got me over that eversion pretty quickly.


I was wondering the same thing, Ubi.

I posted my first injection story here:


Welcome to the darkside.


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haha yes my mistake


Yes Eq and Var.I know,I know wheres the test, .These are the compounds I decided to run my first cycle. Slow and steady gains with good chance of retention is my goal. After experiencing this cycle nd how my body reacts, I might possibly run test in the mix next time. My buddy tells me it's a wonderfull experience.



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Right Quad with a 1" 25g filled with 1ml of winstrol. Took me some time, but I tensed every muslce in my body and prepared for the pain of the needle going in, but it never came and before I realized the needle was all the way in.

A little stunned I aspirated then started injecting. I remember thinking, "Is this right? It must be; needle in then inject. But what if it isn't? Am I in the muscle? Of course I am, this is exactly where the diagram sait." Then just as quickly it was over.