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First Injection Today

Sup dudes, today I did my first injection of my first ever cycle. i haveot say my heart was beating faster, and I’ve felt more anxious all day. Is this caused by the testosterone, or is this just nerves for a newbie? Yep, that’s it.

nah man it’s just your nerves, my first time i was pretty nervous cause I hate needles but I found that i can’t do it on an empty stomach or else i get nausea, you should be fine

Props to you my man, I had to have a buddy stick me for the first time.

Congrats! What’s your cycle plan look like?

First Poke was a nervous one for me as well…
Gets easier though… Good luck with your cycle…

Eat alot and work hard at the gym…You will love the results…


My cycle is gonna look like this, pretty simple.

Weeks 1-10 250mg’s E3D
Weeks 11-13- Nolva 20g’s everyday,
Nolva if I need it during the cycle.

First cycle you know, didn’t wanna go crazy with stacking. We’ll see what happens.

never get to anxious to inject as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach. thats what i did and i almost puked my guts out.

It seems to be a fine cycle to me. But just wondering, why only 10 weeks on? Why 12-16?

Also, is there a reason you chose nolva for your PCT instead of clomid?

Yeah, why not extend the cycle to at least 12 weeks?

I see no flaw in a 10 week cycle, that’s enough length for a decent amount of gain if you both work for it nutritionally, and training-wise. Concerning the Nolvadex over Clomid remark, I would be hard-pressed to find too many people that have done 8+ cycles and didn’t prefer Nolvadex.

Best of luck.