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First Injection Last Night, Sore Thigh

I just did my first 50mg test p injection last night. I plan on injecting ED. My thoughts chronologically:

  • wow the pin did not hurt at all. It was 25g 1 in
  • is this stuck? Why is it going so slow or a lot harder to press than expected. Wait duh, it’s oil not water.

I wanted to make sure all the test was in there so i might’ve let the needle a couple seconds longer than needed. I don’t think i used too much pressure tho.

Afterwards i felt fine. It was not until the next day when my thigh was a bit sore/tender.i was going to do legs today but I think I’ll put it off for tomorrow and do chest today instead.

I checked the thigh for any signs of redness and there was none. Does this just sound like an instance of me using too much pressure or leaving the needle in for too long?

Sounds like 100% normal pip. 1. It sounds like you’re new to injections, so virgin muscle in general can hurt for a few days.
2. Sounds like you injected quads, very painful place for many folks. Lot of seasoned users who still don’t pin in quads.

Try glutes, push steady but slow, and massage it for 30-60 seconds after injection.

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You’re the guy that is home brewing Test for their first cycle, right?

So how the FUCK have you managed to do enough research to brew your own gear, yet have no understanding of what PIP is. I’m genuinely fucking flabbergasted.


dude…did you really just get on my thread just to start beef with me? I suggest you find some priorities in the real world instead of keeping a mental note of my internet activities. But in regards to PIP I only knew it from injectable winstrol, I always heard winstrol inject PIP was really bad. I didn’t know PIP can feel like this with testosterone too.

The real question is, why cant you just post something helpful like everyone else?

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Sorry if pointing out how naive you are has hurt your ego. I’m really sorry. I’ll come massage your thigh to make you feel better and repent for my sins.

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lol dude…its not naive, im here to learn. If i knew everything I wouldnt be here. You obviously dont always have the intention to help so next time when you see a thread by me, just remind yourself not to post. It’s not an ego issue, I just feel like some people just need a reality check so I had to say something lol :man_shrugging:

If I did this every time one of my muscles hurt from injections, I would almost never work out. It actually helps it feel better in my experience.

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Prop is not a good choice for a first cycle. Some PIP is likely every time with prop, its just the nature of the stuff.

Quads for some people can be a painful site, even for a seasoned user.

Ad every day injections, you could easily end up feeling like a pin cushion.

You might be lucky and be able to tolerate it, you just have wait and see.

I would use a 5/8 inch needle

Are you the one mixing your own batches? I saw this and thought you might enjoy.

Holy fuck, That’s some fucked up, scary necrosis. Mixing up your own batch and filtering at least would eliminate the risk of bacterial/viral infection.

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Ya if your experienced in that. Otherwise you are probably better off buying it pre made from someone who is.

Hence why home brewing when you know hardly anything about even gear isn’t the best idea.

Ahhh yes its you again, you came back for more. I already saw this article a while ago. A lot of times in a debate, people like to hide behind vague and general statements. What exactly are you trying to say by posting this article? Because I think what youre trying to say is really stupid.

lmao i love how theres this notion that brewing testosterone is extremely complicated. It’s almost like youre comparing homebrewing testosterone to synthesizing drugs for cancer. A vial of test can only have 4 ingredients and the steps to do it are all over the internet. That’s like saying a college chemistry student would never figure out what to do in a lab just because it’s his first day. Yeah i dont know too much about PIP, cuz I just started injecting this week, but that doesnt mean I cant put a ratio of test powder, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, carrier oil together, prepare sterile equipment and a hotplate, syringe filter the solution into a vial with a 18g needle in it to vent. You can look up how to prepare but thats a summary of it.

And I love how you just assume your source “has experience”. He can sell you fentanyl dipped in test powder and you wouldnt even know. You’re a drug dealer’s favorite customer. Youre like that guy in the article who went to an “experienced source” and now has part of his ass removed lmfao

Yeah I’m not doing prop anymore. I was doing it because I wanted a short ester because I wanted to see the effects a bit quicker, I have an event in 7 weeks lol. And if I have some terrible side effects to it, the test will be our of my system faster too. Next cycle im just doing test e.

Kinda ironic the guy talking about how simple ratios are is the same one who ordered 60grams of testosterone and cried when it got held up in customs.

Your gnorance is going to ge the best of you. It simple on paper you have guys here that have been gone brewing for years that still run into unexpected issues.

Clearly you have everything under control tho.


i dont think…i said brewing was simple. I’ve never even alluded to it being simple. I just said the resources are there and the information is there, never once i said its “simple on paper”. I never said ratios are simple too, yeah i got them wrong but thats part of learning, i ran into issues like you said. lol you’re not gonna make me feel bad for asking about custom procedures when clearly you’ve asked questions on this forum too.

basically dude, you got annoyed when someone didnt answer your question on your cloudy test thread. so i think you should follow your own advice. Next time you wanna post a meaningless comment that are irrelevant like the ones you posted on my last thread, just remind yourself to shut the fuck up :man_shrugging:

Says the guy who ordered 50+ more grams of testosterone then they needed lol.

Because people who sell raw powder are cut form a different cloth they only sell the best!

They are irrelevant to you because you don’t want to listen to anyone. Your taking criticism as insults and getting defensive. People who do this will never learn they will continue to repeat the same mistakes. I wish you the best of luck in your journey tho.

P. S. My cloudy test was due to MY ignorance something I can admit as a man from shotty injection protocol and moisture getting in the vial.

Im sure you will learn all about moisture in vials when you homebrew.

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Wow you really adjusted your attitude on this one. A lot different from your first comment on my customs thread

definitely constructive criticism. i think ive seen this on memes somewhere.

again youre not gonna make me feel self-conscious for getting the ratios wrong lol

youre really that naive to think someone else’s gear that marketed to be from an “experienced source” is always better than something you made in front of your very eyes? A place where you can control the cleanliness and whatever that goes in? Thats the reason why in the article that person had a staph infection…because he ordered from a contaminated source. If anything it helps the homebrewing case, you get to know whats in your gear.