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First Injection a Day Ago and Not Feeling Well

Hi everyone. I am new to this site but have been lurking for about a week. A friend of mine is on trt so when i was at my dr for a physical i asked to check my testosterone because I was curious. Well wouldn’t you know it came back under low and was was a red flag so my primary care referred me to a endocrinologist. I then spent 4 months doing every test you could imagine. I had countless blood tests had to piss in a jug for 24 hours and I even had a mri on my Pituitary gland. . Every test I did came back normal except low testosterone. My endo was against trt and wasn’t able to help me.

I found a place that specializes in trt and took all my lab work/ tests in and after talking for a long time about trt they gave me my first injection 100mg along with an injection of hcg Monday morning at 10:30am. Within a few minutes i felt energy like I have never experienced before. I had this rush and i figured it was all just in my head. That night I still felt like i was pumped and barely managed to get a few hours of sleep. I woke up with a ton of energy and felt the same way.

It is now Wednesday morning 1 am and i cant sleep. I am jacked up and feel like I could run a marathon. I feel like I am breathing hard but ts normal. I feel like my heart is racing but it is 65 bpm.

I don’t smoke or do drugs and I also don’t drink. I live a healthy life style and eat clean for the most part. I also noticed I am super thirsty and cant stop drinking water. And after eating I don’t feel full like I use to. Am I losing my mind or has anyone felt anything directly after starting trt?

Please tell me its all in my head…

I don’t think it’s in your head.

What exactly is your protocol? Dosage and frequency of HCG and testosterone?

How old r u?

I personally would have just started with testosterone. HCG could be giving you that feeling you have or both.
When I took HCG for the first time I felt a rush feeling too.

You basically shocked your body with the t and HCG. But that could be ok. Your body usually needs time to get used to it.
You may need to drop the HCG. I had too. Made me feel bad.

After you describe your protocol you can get better feedback.

Hopefully you are on 100 a week of testosterone.

Agree here.

Too many moving parts at the get go. Start with one, then modify based upon bloods and feeling.

I went through this exact thing in the beginning and it completely went away very quickly. Your body is definitely ramping up on stuff it hasn’t had at those levels in a long time. I called it my initial hormone high. I also got a splitting headache from it. But overall I felt much better. It all settled down and went away and sometimes I wish it would come back. Those first few weeks were the best I have felt in 20-25 years.

As an edit - you might also get some serious erections and other signs as well. It really feels like a drug high at first. That does go away and then you begin chasing your balance to get back to that amazing feeling over being able to conquer the world and seemingly an incredible surge of energy and libido.

I am not a doctor so be sure you’re keeping in touch with yours during these feelings.

You need to post some labs, 100mg weekly isn’t optimal for everyone and I suspect this clinic may be of no help just like your quack endo. These infrequent large injections tend to cause estrogen spikes and I would expect your symptoms could be related it high estrogen. These large peaks and troughs some respond negatively.

SHBG levels should be considered before making your first move, lower value would require you to adjust your TRT protocol to multiple injections per week, higher SHBG and you could get away with less injections per week.

You’re a grown man and should be taking care of business yourself by injecting yourself in the comfort of your own home, these clinics like to keep you coming back on a weekly basis for their benefit at your inconvenience.

A lot of our members inject T multiple times a week, few can get away with once weekly without feeling low 4-5 days after an injection since the half life of T-cyp is 7 days.

So by 7 days your levels are half what they were earlier in the week and this can translate to feeling unwell.

Some endo’s still believe the nonsense about TRT causing prostate cancer taught in medical school and cardiovascular problems when TRT was given to old men who already had serious health problems.

It’s comical how many times we here new members make the comment about said clinic specializes in TRT and we found out the opposite is true, the fact is the great majority have no clue how to design a modern TRT protocol based off your blood biomarkers.

If this TRT clinic didn’t do labs consisting of Total T, Free T, estrogen and SHBG, then they are not specialists.

Thank you all for the feedback. My clinic seems to know more then any dr I have spoke with but I am still new to this. I was actually given 150mg of test cyp along with a shot of hcg and will receive that once a week. I spoke to him today and he said its not common but I could have a sensitivity to it and we will fine tune things as we go. He mentioned lowering the dose to 100mg next monday is a option. The will do labs after 4 weeks of this and then change things up from there if needed.

He said doing more injections per week is definitely better for keeping things stable. He also said most of his clients are busy people so injections every 7 days is what they prefer. He will allow me to do them as often as I want with the appropriate dosage of course. I am also allowed to self inject but he wants me to come in for the first few injections.

My insurance only covers a 30 day supply so once I am ready to self inject I just pick it up once a month or have it shipped to my house.

I am 34 years old and I had a lot of labs so I just included everything because I am not sure what is useful and what is not useful.

Order: CBC W/ DIFF

  • WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT 10/23/2018 6.80 THOUS/UL 3.8-10.8
  • RED BLOOD CELL COUNT 10/23/2018 5.47 MIL/UL 4.20-5.80
  • HEMOGLOBIN 10/23/2018 16.00 G/DL 13.2-17.1
  • HEMATOCRIT 10/23/2018 47.80 % 38.5-50.0
  • MCV 10/23/2018 87.40 FL 80.0-100.0
  • MCH 10/23/2018 29.30 PG 27.0-33.0
  • MCHC 10/23/2018 33.50 G/DL 32.0-36.0
  • RDW 10/23/2018 12.30 % 11.0-15.0
  • MPV 10/23/2018 12.30 FL 7.5-12.5
  • PLATELET COUNT 10/23/2018 198.00 THOUS/UL 140-400
  • NEUTROPHILS 10/23/2018 57.10 %
  • LYMPHOCYTES 10/23/2018 33.00 %
  • MONOCYTES 10/23/2018 8.10 %
  • ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS 10/23/2018 3883.00 CELLS/UL 1500-7800
  • ABSOLUTE LYMPHOCYTES 10/23/2018 2244.00 CELLS/UL 850-3900
  • ABSOLUTE MONOCYTES 10/23/2018 551.00 CELLS/UL 200-950
  • ABSOLUTE EOSINOPHILS 10/23/2018 82.00 CELLS/UL 15-500
  • ABSOLUTE BASOPHILS 10/23/2018 41.00 CELLS/UL 0-200
  • EOSINOPHILS 10/23/2018 1.20 %
  • BASOPHILS 10/23/2018 0.60 %


  • GLUCOSE 10/23/2018 92.00 MG/DL 65-99
  • UREA NITROGEN (BUN) 10/23/2018 16.00 MG/DL 7-25
  • CREATININE 10/23/2018 1.04 MG/DL 0.60-1.35
  • eGFR NON-AFR. AMERICAN 10/23/2018 93.00 ML/MIN/1.7 > OR = 60
  • eGFR AFRICAN AMERICAN 10/23/2018 108.00 ML/MIN/1.7 > OR = 60
  • SODIUM 10/23/2018 138.00 MMOL/L 135-146
  • POTASSIUM 10/23/2018 4.50 MMOL/L 3.5-5.3
  • CHLORIDE 10/23/2018 104.00 MMOL/L 98-110
  • CARBON DIOXIDE 10/23/2018 28.00 MMOL/L 20-32
  • CALCIUM 10/23/2018 9.60 MG/DL 8.6-10.3
  • PROTEIN, TOTAL 10/23/2018 7.50 G/DL 6.1-8.1
  • ALBUMIN 10/23/2018 4.50 G/DL 3.6-5.1
  • GLOBULIN 10/23/2018 3.00 G/DL (CALC 1.9-3.7
  • ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 10/23/2018 1.50 ( CALC) 1.0-2.5
  • BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 10/23/2018 0.60 MG/DL 0.2-1.2
  • ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 10/23/2018 71.00 U/L 40-115
  • AST 10/23/2018 28.00 U/L 10-40
  • ALT 10/23/2018 46.00 U/L 9-46


CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 10/23/2018 135.00 MG/DL <200
HDL CHOLESTEROL 10/23/2018 56.00 MG/DL >40
TRIGLYCERIDES 10/23/2018 40.00 MG/DL <150
LDL-CHOLESTEROL 10/23/2018 68.00 MG/DL (CAL
CHOL/HDLC RATIO 10/23/2018 2.40 (CALC) <5.0
NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL 10/23/2018 79.00 MG/DL (CAL <130


  • TSH, 3RD GENERATION$W/REFLEX TO FT4 10/23/2018 1.95 MIU/L 0.40-4.50


VITAMIN B12 10/23/2018 408.00 PG/ML 200-1100
FOLATE, SERUM 10/23/2018 10.60 NG/ML


  • MEAN PLASMA GLUCOSE 10/23/2018 101.00 MG/DL (CAL

  • HEMOGLOBIN A1c 10/23/2018 5.00 % OF TOTAL <5.7

    Order: Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, (D2, D3), LC/MS/MS

  • VITAMIN D, 25-OH, TOTAL 10/24/2018 42.00 NG/ML 30-10

  • VITAMIN D, 25-OH, D3 10/24/2018 42.00 NG/ML

  • VITAMIN D, 25-OH, D2 10/24/2018 <4


  • TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL,$LC/MS/MS 10/25/2018 289.00 NG/DL 250-1100
  • TESTOSTERONE, FREE 10/25/2018 49.70 PG/ML 46.0-224.0
  • TESTOSTERONE,BIOAVAILABLE 10/25/2018 102.30 NG/DL 110.0-575.0
  • ALBUMIN,SERUM 10/25/2018 4.50 G/DL 3.6-5.1

Order: TSH
TSH 1/3/2019 2.21 MIU/L 0.40-4.50

Order: T4, FREE
T4, FREE 1/3/2019 1.20 NG/DL 0.8-1.8

PROLACTIN 1/3/2019 6.90 NG/ML 2.0-18.0

Order: LH
LH 1/3/2019 2.20 MIU/ML 1.5-9.3

Order: FSH
FSH 1/3/2019 2.30 MIU/ML 1.6-8.0

PSA, TOTAL 1/3/2019 0.50 NG/ML < OR = 4.0

FERRITIN 1/3/2019 180.00 NG/ML 20-345

CORTISOL, A.M. 1/3/2019 10.60 MCG/DL

ACTH, PLASMA 1/3/2019 17.00 PG/ML 6-50

GLUCOSE 1/3/2019 100.00 MG/DL 65-99
UREA NITROGEN (BUN) 1/3/2019 12.00 MG/DL 7-25
CREATININE 1/3/2019 0.99 MG/DL 0.60-1.35
eGFR NON-AFR. AMERICAN 1/3/2019 99.00 ML/MIN/1.7 >OR = 60
eGFR AFRICAN AMERICAN 1/3/2019 115.00 ML/MIN/1.7 > OR = 60
SODIUM 1/3/2019 141.00 MMOL/L 135-146
POTASSIUM 1/3/2019 4.40 MMOL/L 3.5-5.3
CHLORIDE 1/3/2019 105.00 MMOL/L 98-110
CARBON DIOXIDE 1/3/2019 25.00 MMOL/L 20-32
CALCIUM 1/3/2019 9.60 MG/DL 8.6-10.3
PROTEIN, TOTAL 1/3/2019 7.30 G/DL 6.1-8.1
ALBUMIN 1/3/2019 4.70 G/DL 3.6-5.1
GLOBULIN 1/3/2019 2.60 G/DL (CALC 1.9-3.7
ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 1/3/2019 1.80 (CALC) 1.0-2.5
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 1/3/2019 0.40 MG/DL 0.2-1.2
ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 1/3/2019 69.00 U/L 40-115
AST 1/3/2019 21.00 U/L 10-40
ALT 1/3/2019 25.00 U/L 9-46

Order: IRON / TIBC
IRON BINDING CAPACITY 1/3/2019 297.00 MCG/DL 250-425
IRON, TOTAL 1/3/2019 93.00 MCG/DL 50-180
% SATURATION 1/3/2019 31.00 % (CALC) 15-60

Order: Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, (D2, D3), LC/MS/MS

VITAMIN D, 25-OH, TOTAL 1/4/2019 31.00 NG/ML 30-100
VITAMIN D, 25-OH, D3 1/4/2019 31.00 NG/ML
VITAMIN D, 25-OH, D2 1/4/2019 <4

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL,$LC/MS/MS 1/8/2019 324.00 NG/DL 250-1100
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 1/8/2019 68.40 PG/ML 46.0-224.0
TESTOSTERONE,BIOAVAILABLE 1/8/2019 146.60 NG/DL 110.0-575.0
ALBUMIN,SERUM 1/8/2019 4.70 G/DL 3.6-5.1

GROWTH HORMONE (GH) 2/23/2019 <0.1 <OR = 7.1

Order: IGF I, LC/MS
IGF I, LC/MS 2/24/2019 242.00 NG/ML 53-331
Z SCORE (MALE) 2/24/2019 1.20 SD -2.0 - +2.0

CORTISOL, FREE, URINE 2/26/2019 26.20 MCG/24 H 4.0-50.0
CREATININE, URINE 2/26/2019 2.30 G/24 H 0.50-2.15
TOTAL VOLUME 2/26/2019 2150.00 ML

Thanks for the reply. I really look forward to sharing my experience and making new friends on here because No one around me would understand what I am going through.

I was injected with 150 mg fallowed my a injection of hcg. Not sure on the protocol. I don’t think we have one yet. After 4 injections( one every 7 days) we will do labs and tune things from there. That’s the plan so far.

I do like how I feel in a way. I feel like i am about to be sent in to battle and I am on the front lines. It is like the best pre workout feeling I have ever had. Only downside is I was pacing around my house last night at 3am trying to occupy my brain because I was so wired and could not sleep. I have not been to the gym yet so I am hoping After the gym today I will feel like I released all my bottled up energy.

I am 34 years old 6’3 215lbs

I am married and might want kids within the next few years so wouldn’t HCG be recommended for that? I am open to any suggestions.

I have been pretty sedentary the last year or so because I have had zero energy or motivation. Just got back to working out hard and consistent again about 2 months ago. I feel like I definitely shocked my body. I don’t even drink coffee because one cup makes me feel like i am on drugs.

Thanks for the feedback. It definitely is a good feeling I am experiencing. I think because I have not felt this way before I am a little worried or freaking myself out.

You are definitely not working with an experience clinic/doctor, HCG has a short half life of 24 to 36 hours, no one injects HCG once weekly as it will clear out of your system before the week is over negating the point of using HCG.

I expect your symptoms to worsen as time goes on, if you spend enough time on these forums, you’ll see the majority inject T two or more time per week do to the half lives of these hormones.

Also doing labs 4 weeks after starting TRT or changing dosages is wrong, it takes 6 weeks for the half lives to build up in your system, so doing labs at 4 weeks makes no sense because in two more weeks your levels will stabilize at a different level and you’ll never really know your actual levels.

HCG together with FSH works like nothing else to increase sperm production when looking to have kids. No SHBG testing, SHBG binds testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones and insulin. Aise from Total T, Free T and estrogen, SHBG is probably the most important fact in your TRT protocol choice. I estimate yours to be about midrange (30) based on your Total T and Free numbers.

There are a lot of these TRT Clinics and Low T Centers popping up everywhere and sadly the lot of them are staffed by incompetence doctors who have no idea how to read blood biomarkers and design an appropriate TRT or HCG protocol because they lack basic information.

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Awesome you found the problem.

First few weeks guys usually do feel wired if they do one big shot a week. Do twice weekly. It’s easy. Just fill up enough syringes for a few weeks.

HCG isn’t needed until your ready to be fertile.many men and docs will tell you the same. It’s just fact. If your fertile now, then no reason to worry. You will get fertile again when HCG is started. Or go get your speed frozen tomorrow to be safe.shit happens no guarantees in life.

HCG Has many sides for many men. Some love it. I hated it and felt better without it Honestly you would be better of just doing cypionate for a few months and getting dose dialed in. You won’t know what’s causing symptoms if you stay on HCG.

In a few weeks you’ll probably level out. Or have ups and downs. It’s normal.

Thanks for the feedback. Knowledge is power and the more I learn the better. I will bring this up with my dr and see whats going on. i might be confused when the labs will be done. My first endo really messed up my head and gave me a lot of false information. I have heard so many different things in the past few months that I might be confused myslef to whats going on. I will check with my dr and see when he plans on doing labs. I will also bring up hcg and see whats up with that. Thank you for all the info. i want to do this right and really want to be the best version of myself. I just feel lost and dont know who is good and who is not. If anyone reccomends someone in southern california. orange county area let me know.

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I’m in Orange County, Ca, small world. I joined Defy Medical, a telemedicine clinic based out of Tampa FL with an excellent reputation. Dr. Saya has been prescribing TRT for more than 10 years and his knowledge is impressive, he prescribe testosterone, HCG, FSH, growth hormone and peptides which increase your natural growth hormone production and IGF-1.

You can’t beat the costs, it’s cheaper than any walk-in clinic. Average cost is $1200-$2000 yearly for everything, medicine, labs and consultants.

My Kaiser endo’s are just braindead when it comes to TRT, for all other services Kaiser is excellent.

Honestly if I were you I’d just switch to defy. This is a life long mission. You’ll be better off knowing your not going to be harmed or given stupid directives like “give blood your hct moved up a couple points”. Or “were pulling your script becusse your hct is high”… I mean it’s wild what some clinics do out of fear and pure Ignorance.