First Injectable Cycle

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KingMike wrote:

Just keep reading like you have been, and get the diet straightened up good. Because honestly, your still only 20, your at peak levels of testosterone in your body. If you have a good clean diet eating anywhere from 4-8 meals a day, spread about 2.5-3 hours apart from each other, you’ll be good to go. Also, about the protein intake, i have heard you should eat 1gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, but i try to eat 1 gram per pound of body weight. Just eat good clean meats, no deep fried foods etc. You probably know all of this by now, so ill shut up though.

Besides, who wants to listen to a 17 year old ramble anyway?

Good luck bro. Keep hitting it hard and have a clean diet, youll see plenty of improvement.

You’re 17?! If this is correct, I wish there were a shitload more 17 year olds with your common sense, wisdom and typing skills.

Also, you’re huge! Good job.

I’m 19 and I can spell cat. C-A-T, cat. :slight_smile:

Sorry for jacking the thread, but I love reading up on and learning about steroids. I like to have a general knowledge of everything involved with the bodybuilding life style whether it be extremely serious or more recreational. Plus, I may one day decide to go with some gear, and I don’t want to start at rock bottom.