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First Injectable Cycle, Test E/EQ to Lose Fat. Advice?

I’m not sure where to leave a question or comment, I am 25 going on 26 and I’m trying a test-e 250, eq 250 cycle and novledex pct and HCG 5000.* I have tried var before but never injectables, this will be my entry into this game and I need some advice. I want to cut down to 90kg I’m at 102kg at 17percent body fat. I’m already eating clean, no sugar, no bread etc… Doing one Km runs every other day and working 12 hour shifts at my job… How can I get down to atleast 12 percent on this cycle and not eat everything I see and go the exact opposite way…

Doing steroids to go from 17% to 12% bodyfat is unnecessary. Those results are easily achievable naturally with a good cutting diet, weight training and consistency. Steroids aren’t magic; your results, on or off, are dictated by your diet. But if your diet isn’t in check then now is not the time to start a cycle.

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If this is your first cycle, I would drop the EQ, up the test and bit, and possibly add an oral to kick start. EQ isn’t very effective at that dose and it causes anxiety as well as elevated hematocrit for some. If you do run the EQ you should increase that too…

As far as cutting you need your diet to be on point. If fat loss is your major goal then why mess with the hormones? Look into clen, ECA stacks, etc to give you the edge to your new diet.

I’m eating super clean bro, my body fat is dropping but way too slow. I just need the boost but also to keep some size man. It’s all there, just the last bit don’t Wana shake. The more I lose, the harder it’s getting. It’s like a fat loss plateu bro… I was hoping the increase in caloric demand from the gains would burn more than I usually do… If this is false then please point me in the right direction… As far as clen goes, I tried icyplex 10 before and it took more muscle away than fat…this was with a decent diet… Im talking sweet potato no salt no sauces, plain rice and apples… The budget is my biggest problem bro… I also don’t get the right rest, I’m a armed response officer in Private security and I work no less than 12 hours at a time, night shifts, day shifts… So the demand for calories is there, but I need it more to require more to function than I put in my mouth you catch my drift??? Please help me to do this right. Peace.

I’ve been training natty since 8th grade so I have allot of decent muscle memory… It’s not like I’m jumping in on just mass here lol…im an ex powerlifter so I have allot of slow twitch muscle fibres… But I Wana shred them now… I also Wana know how to curb appetite man I can eat two whole birds at a time after a decent leg day… What is best, asking the doctors ova here

i am on test e and eq cycle - 400mg test e frontloaded 2 weeks and took 250mg eq every week. i am getting huge as fuck and even my wife has started to suspect as how i am getting so huge and so many veins its so fucking amazing man. i can fuck for hours and i can lift and train for hours non stop.

i would say start small and you will get amazing results. 250mg test and 250 eq that’s all. Diet is the most important part of any cycle. eat like a horse more protein and good quality fat.

Good luck

It’s nice to hear about someone who’s on lower doses and seeing gains. You go some places and tell them you’re on 250 EQ they’ll flame you to death because “bro you need to run at least a gram of EQ to see any results bro”.

First cycle…? The test alone will do that. If I take 400mg of test per week I would gain a 2-3 lbs in a few months so it must be a first cycle for you. All my research shows that a low starting dose is still higher than 250 mg of EQ.

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Apparently not clean enough. How many calories are you eating per day? What are your macros? What’s your TDEE?

I don’t care what you eat, what matters is how much you eat and the quality of macros.

Yes, as you lose weight you will start to plateau if you don’t adjust your caloric intake. It’s important to continually lower your caloric intake as you lose weight because your body’s caloric demands will be reduced.

Get your diet in check (i.e. count calories and macros constantly) before hopping on gear.

Also, get that sleep worked out

Yea true man but even off gear I was seeing gains in fat loss and strength gains. Like I said I just need the small boost to break past the plateu, I need the extra boost to perform better in cardio which is what’s dropping my fat like crazy but losing muscle at the same time. So the EQ I hope will protect my muscles from a catabolic state and the test to allow me to run faster times at higher intensities to burn more calories. Thoughts??

lol 400mg for 2 weeks then 250mg next 10 weeks buddy. just to get test faster in my system frontloaded.

my cycle was as follows -

400mg/test 2 weeks then 250mg/week 10 weeks
250mg eq every week

i am getting huge and my old t shirts are not fitting me anymore

on eq i have run 15 minutes non stop super fast lol i thought i could go on forever.

yes internet is full shit when it comes to not thinking for yourself and do what bro tells you to.

i did 400mg test for 2 weeks then 250mg every week along side 250mg eq and bro i am mind blown.