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First Impressions


To all of the T-dogs on the steroids forum, I wanted to formaly apologize for some of my first postings. In the case that they may have offended any body.
I was just comming off of a AAS cycle and i was feeling a little emotional about AAS as most of us do when weve been doing something that is considered to most of the world as Taboo.
Anyways, I suppose this post for some of you will open a door to understanding as to why some of us are a little off the wall at times, while for others it will be another opportunity to attempt to discourage others like me.
thanks to most of you for the good usefull info i've received here on T-Nation about winstrol and hcg. without you my next cycle would not have been as effective.


Takes a lot for a man to grab his balls and say he is wrong.

Some may not, but I will help you in anyway bro. I don't want to be reading about the guy in Cali that fucked up and is dead due to AAS.

This is a brotherhood after all, the wonderful world of T-Nation.

Come on Snipe, what do you say? Give a brutha a chance.

Lift Heavy,



LOL, as long as he doesn't make any stupid comments or TROLLish remarks. He needs to learn not give advice. At your request will I will leave him alone and give him a chance.


Thanks Guys, the way I see it is most of these guys arent green behind the ears, after all it took me hours (actually 3 years)on three search engines before I ever found this link Looking for some sust.

Anyways, i've been alot of places seen alot of things, and when I came on it was Pro stacks constantly going up.
So i'm sure that we as men in general like to hear the novice comments as well as the comments that we will actually use on our next cycles. "It's not hard to tell them apart."
I've gotten lose comments Like, (unless your using buckets and buckets of AAS's)
and I've gotten good actual dosage info in detail.

I've taken both of these types of comments and will be using them into the new year.
Not literaly of course.
Thanks to you Snipeout, Willie, kael and many others for helping me smooth out the rough edges.


I never had a problem in the first place bro. Keep learning and growing.