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First Impression of Alpha-GPC


Got my bottle in the mail yesterday. Today was a back and tricep workout as called for in Thib's new Mechanical Drop Set program.

Took 2 caps @ 60mins before warm up of workout (was probably closer to 75mins by first set)

On my heavy sets (bent over row and 1/2 bench press from pins) there was definately a noticeable difference.
My bent row went from a "barely making technique" 185 last week to a "respectible technique" 200 (a PR for me). My 1/2 bench stayed at the same weight but it was easier to get through the sticking point for sure.

IMO, worth the price if you're working with a strength or explosive movement program or trying to bust through a plateau. Can't wait to see what comes of next Monday's Leg workout.



Watch out for the low back on that one. Might want to lighten up on the weight.



That’s the thing, I have a L4/L5 disc injury from years ago. With lots of pre-hab, dynamic warm ups, foam rolling and other trigger point release techniques it’s manageable.

Last week it was definately a factor in the back/shoulder workout, it even had me fail on PR squat attempt last Monday. But just two days later (yesterday), on alpha-GPC, the low back didn’t bother me. Aside from being able to contract the lats and rhomboids better, I was also able to fire my core harder and keep it tight.

I’m always very leary about making large jumps in weight for any core braced movement but, for the bent over row, it just felt “easy.” I see no need to take it past 215-225 for such a movement, and my program changes in two weeks anyhow.



I started taking Alpha-GPC a little over a week ago.
If you’re only getting this product to get PR’s then you should probably take a look at your diet and training first.
I re-tested my bench max and I got 255 (up from 240). Like any placebo-craving idiots my friends immediately thought it was from taking Alpha-GPC, but I realized that in the same amount of time my bench had previously gone from 225 to 240, so there was really no difference. Plus, I added quality muscle-mass during both time periods.

That said, I would DEFINITELY recommend this product because the GH increase following workouts is very noticible! I am able to put back way more food in the hours following workouts and my recover is noticible better as a result.
In addition, if you do any sprinting, plyometrics, etc. you will also feel a difference in this regard. I have noticed a definite difference in my dunking ability and I know my body very well so I have no doubt that the Alpha-GPC is helping me get through a sticking point in my vertical jump.

In conclusion, I think this product would be a great “extra-boost” to anyone who has their diet and training generally in order, but it is NOT a miracle product that is instantly going to increase your power. Will I purchase it again – no, because my body generally adapts to new supplements like this in about 4-6 weeks, but I have am very glad that I purchased it this time and if I could rewind time I would do it again.