First IM Lump in Two Years. What the Hell Causes It?

Been on TRT coming up on 2 years, never had a problem at injection site with any protocol, IM, shallow IM, subq, whatever… no problems.

Did an IM in the Vastus Lateralis this morning, same as always, felt a little muscle twitch about it. However, I finally got a hard dime sized lump just below injection site for the first time immediately after. Wife is freaking out now. This was a 1" deep IM dose of test E (works best for me).

Did I fuck it up, or is it just random?

What does your wife have to do with this? Dont use the thigh. You struck a nerve and its not happy. Hot compress should ease it back down. Use the VG from now on

Wife worried = forced me to ask on the forum.

Ya, I should get on the VG I’ve heard it works out better. I’m pretty good at the thighs, and very comfortable with them (up until this point).

How would a nerve strike cause a lump ?

I added this to my rotation to take some off of the delts and it’s been great, so far 6 weeks in and don’t feel any drop in T. Just cos I’ve still got some extra fat there I use a 1.5in needle, but it hits the muscle fine

Ive been using the VG for over a year and Ive had a couple lumps occur since I inject daily. In my case, oil takes a bit of time to absorb if I inject on the same side two ir three times in a row. I alternate of course, but at times I forget which side I injected the day before. In your case, the twitch means you stuck a nerve and the area surrounding the nerve has inflamed im order to heal and protect the exposed nerve. You could take some B12 to support the healing process. Its too soon for it to be an abscess

Did you switch sources? I had an issue with a certain type of oil.

No, pharm grade.

Thanks for the input much appreciated. A struck nerve or not, the lump must have been blood, the thing is now bruised to shit.

A vein most likely bled out. Stick with the VG and never go trough this again. Glad you’re ok.