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First Home Gym Setup

Yes, sorry, the glute ham raise.

Welll… I bought a hyper extensions bench from them and modified it with the help of a fabrication guy I know.

I had a floor GHR like pictured below and switched out the pads.


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Ironmaster adjustable DBs are the shit. I’ve had mine for at least a decade.

Their adjustable bench is solid. I like that model because I can use a camber bar and do chest supported rows. Not many let you do that. The Pro is a little shorter, which is better for flat benching. Could be a little wider.

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Got everything setup, going to move the weight holders on the top to the front bottom but everything else good so far. Just need to throw in some flooring


Looks killer dude!

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I hate you a little bit for how easily you seem to have acquired your equipment. Looks great!

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I was surprised how not hard it was, I had to spend a fair bit (cheaper options were largely out of stock) and drive over an hour to get one weight set and over 2 to get the bumpers but all in all I was stoked how quick everything came.

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Good to go :+1:

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Thinking about getting my gf to get me a different bar for the setup, for Christmas. I’m trying to keep the cost somewhat reasonable so I’m not getting a DL bar or anything, just something to help diversify things a bit.

My top 2 are currently a trap bar or a multi-grip bar, looking at Titan for both as I don’t think these need to be top quality.

For Multi-Grip I figure I could get a lot of diversity in a lot of movements (e.g., pull-ups, rows, presses, curls, shrugs)
Trap will give me pressing and rowing movements and obviously a different deadlift pattern, which I think i’ll end up gravitating towards long term. It’s also ~70 dollars off today.

Any other things that I’m missing, that will provide more bang for the buck? Any reason not to buy Titan here? Which would you get?
@T3hPwnisher I’m tagging you again, as I know you’re a big trap bar fan.

Absolutely get the trap bar. One of my favorite purchases. I’m about a hair away from never pulling with a straight bar again at this point.

I own a multigrip bar and prety much never use it.


Yeah…fuck the conventional dead.


Really? I’d like to hear more about this. I pull with a straight bar, but don’t compete in anything, so really have no reason to other than I just do it.

Not much more to say really. Pulling with a straight bar sucks.


Trap bar!!! without a doubt.

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Sent the link and it’s been ordered! Happy early Christmas to me.