First Home Gym Setup

Getting closer to pulling the trigger on some home gym stuff, I’m thinking about grabbing a bunch of Titan stuff. Any thoughts on any of the following?

T-3 power rack (would consider T-2 but they only have 71” versions atm). Any attachments you can’t live without? Strap safeties are a current front runner.

Barbells, specifically Atlas and more specifically the ding and dent line, if you’ve used any. Would going with a cheaper version of their product be better? Would a lateral move to Rogue echo be better? Would an upgrade to a Titan Blues City or Rogue Ohio bar be better? I’m pretty scoped to powerlifting right now but don’t have plans to compete, at the moment, so if I can get quality, durability and some flexibility in usage, that would be ideal.

Dumbbell handles. Those look pretty cool a pair of 20” ones are cheaper per unit than a 15”, so I’m leaning that way.

Incline Bench V2. Ideally I can get a bench that does incline work without comprising my ability to flat bench too much but flat bench is my current priority.

Gonna tag a few who’ve briefly talked to me about this so far. @guineapig @Bagsy @Voxel

@T3hPwnisher I know you just got some titan stuff too (T-3 rack right?), any of your opinions would be appreciated

I know nothing but buy nice. You deserve it :slight_smile:

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Ha, i don’t know about that but thanks. Just agreed to buying 255lbs of weight for $350 so I figured I might as well buy some shit to use it with

I haven’t used any of these things and the impression I have of Titan as a company is relatively with enough quality to live with. Some of their products are good though especially considering the value factor.

For the barbell I’d go for something with centre knurl if possible even if it means going to a different company or buying something better quality. If u buy a decent barbell resale value is high.

Loadable DBs are pretty awkward for most movements when loaded with anything bigger than 10 lb plates. All things considered u may not want the DBs if you don’t have/wanna but the plates to go on em

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That’s a good point about the center knurling that I hadn’t thought about.

I figured they would be a bit odd but I’m get a 2x10lb, 4x5lb and 2x2.5lb so I could at least do some light shit to start. Might make more sense to just get one instead of having 2 and needing like 12 10lb plates

Home gym “owner” for the past couple of years. I don’t have any experience with the racks, but the titan loadable dbs are nice. @guineapig nailed the awkwardness with the size of the sleeves in conjunction with larger plates. They do make db bumpers but they’re $$$$.

You might want to check out rogues boneyard on their website. Blemished bars, but still usable and less expensive.

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Absolutely loving my T-3 rack. Fantastic purchase. The weight storage is awesome to have, and will keep the rack anchored without having to drill into the concrete. Strap safeties are ideal if you can afford them. I love the multigrip chinning bar as well.

I’d go with a different company for barbells. I don’t have personal experience with Titan’s barbells, but from talking with other folks, the logic is that Titan is a company that does cheap welding and sells racks and strongman implements: they aren’t a barbell manufacturer. Rogue, on the other hand, cut their teeth making bars, and they’re going to make a fantastic product. I have a Rogue echo and it’s a solid bar, totally answers the mail.

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Yea, the boneyard bars were one of my first thoughts but unfortunately the only thing they have in stock are women’s bars at the moment. Going to look around at a few of the smaller companies to see what they have.

Awesome, thanks for the response. One of my big needs was not drilling into the concrete as A) I don’t have the equipment and B) I don’t own. I’ve yet to do a final cost breakdown yet so I’ll see if I can afford them but my gym has straps and they’re fantastic for rack pulls.

Good to know for bars. It looks like the echo is out of stock, I might just grab the one below. We have some at my gym and I can’t find fault in them.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Ohio power bar. No personal experience, but lotta strong folks vouch for it. Worth getting an axle from Titan. Those are hard to screw up. Granted, you can make your own for cheap too.

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For the cost of the handles and additional plates if you go that route maybe a set of bands and or pulley system to stick on ur rack (have something like this myself and it does the job) will give u plenty of options for accessory work. May have to survive without the heavy dumbbell pressing for a while.

Not this one specifically but the general concept. U can go to a hardware store and get everything u need instead of buying a kit with everything in it

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OPB is high quality. If anything it’s on the premium side of things. There’s quite a few mid tier bars that are plenty good and cheaper than the OPB. If money is no issue than rogue is great

I have an Ohio bar. The Cerakote is nice, it has NO CENTER KNURL though. The rings are also weird. It is not a Powerlifting bar. The nicest part is the Cerakote, if that tells you anything.

My $0.02 on adjustable dumbbells is I freaking hate how weird they are to get into position. I would probably just get the landmine attachment and some bands. Between those and a DIY pulley from Lowe’s, there’s no DB movement you can’t replicate.

And I’m a guy that considers preacher curls an ME movement.


You got any specific brands to check out?

Is this an endorsement or a bad review of the Ohio bar?!?

Alright, it sounds like that’s the consensus. My gym is still open anyway so it’s not a huge rush to get all of my stuff and i don’t absolutely need dumbbells. So I’ll skip them for now and look into a pulley system in the future.

My next thought for things I need are bands, does the brand really matter? I probably want some for shoulder warmups and face pulls, a stronger one for pull-up assistance.

Following that, how do y’all have your floor setup? I have quite a bit of flat, concrete space. Can I get away with throwing a few of these down for deadlifts and one in the cage for squatting?

It is a nice enough bar, but that is not an endorsement. I got it as part of a package, dude was moving and I bought almost everything. I ran out of room to take the Glute Ham or power rack, I was driving a Subaru. It is NOT a power bar. It is nice to do Cleans and stuff with though, but I wouldn’t pay full price for one.

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