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First HGH Cycle

Hi guys new to this forum not new to training.

I am 33 years old and going on my first HGH cycle now. Going to do my HGH for 12 months to make sure i get the best out of it.I am not a noobe have been training for 12 years and juiced decent amounts but waited till now to use HGH.

I just got some questions that some of the more experienced guys here on HGH can maybe help me with. I have research like a mofo on the net but so many different answers every where.

Currently my weight is 112kgs i am 1.8m tall with 18% body fat hence going on HGH to get rid of that shit lol

So i will do 6iu’s a day 5 days a week MON,TUES,WED, OFF Thursday, Friday, SAT, off Sunday?

Now does it make sense to do it that way or should i just jab every day 7 days a week? Is 6ius enough or should i go up to 8iu’s?

Then to start i am also going to start slow and increase my dose ie

Week 1 to Week 3 2ius daily
Week 4 2.5 ius daily
Week 5 3 ius Daily
Week 6 3.5 ius DAily
Week 7 4 ius Daily
Week 8 4.5 ius Daily
Week 9 5 ius
Week 10 5.5 ius
week 11 6ius

Now i thought of doing it this way to get my body used to it and cut some of the sides of joint pain etc etc out? Will that do any suggestions?

Then after my first 4weeks on HGH i am going to some spice into the mix anavar first and then Some Tren E and TEST E. Anavar 50 -60mgs daily for say 4 weeks in then Tren e and Test E 4 weeks on 2ml each so 4mil in total weekely then increase it to 3ml each a week in total 6ml a week in 3 shots of 1ml Tren E and Test E each mixed? Will that stack work nicely with the HGH or do you have suggestions out of experience on better stack with it?

Thank guys looking forward to your input and being on this site and getting pumped like a motherf%$@#

Will also make another tred where i will give updates on how the cycle is going every 2 weeks or so if there is interest in it