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First Hdrol Cycle - A Few Questions


To start I am 27, ~185 @ ~12% BF been lifting for about 3 years and have never taken a ph or anything else much stronger than creatine. I have been doing tons of research on this for the past few weeks and before I start a cycle I just wanted to try to clear a few things up as I have read some conflicting information in different places.
I will try to make this as easy as possible in terms of organization.
6 week hdrol cycle 50/75/75/75/75/75
2 weeks Cycle Assist Pre, then during
PCT - Nolva 20/20/10/10 & PCT Assist

1. Does this dosage look correct?
AM - 25g
3-4 hours later - cycle assist
Afternoon - 25g
3-4 hours later - cycle assist
Weeks 2-6
AM - 25g
3-4 hours later - cycle assist
Afternoon - 25g
Evening - 25g
3-4 hours later - cycle assist
2. Milk thistle - some logs had this supplemented pre/during/post, is this something i should add? If so should i take it with the cycle assist timing-wise?
3. Nolvadex - Another timing issue, during the weeks i am taking 20g so i space it out 10/10? A few things i read said the timing was less important on the PCT

4. Gyno - From what i have read this does not seem like a common side effect on hdrol, although i read a few instances of people swearing hdrol gave them gyno, are there symptoms I should be aware of or warning signs? I have read about puffiness of nipples or tenderness but not sure if that is a normal side or a precursor to gyno
5. If something did happen gyno-wise or for any reason i stopped taking the hdrol should i immediately go into the nolvadex PCT as planned? Are there any risks or complications to stopping a cycle early?
6. Back pumps/tuarine - Probably the most common unpleasant side effect which I have read about are the back pumps, should i be supplementing Tuarine from the start to try to prevent these or just wait and see and if i need it then start taking it? Any risk to taking too much Tuarine? The dosage ranges people have added into their cycles are huge.

7. I have what is known as an innocent heart murmur or a functional heart murmur, not something I think about ever and has not in any way effected my life. I have taken stims (jack3d, vpx meltdown) and not had any issues, is there any reason to think this would be a problem?
8. Along the same lines, caffeine - I probably have 2 cans of diet coke a day, would this be a problem, i could always switch to water for the 6 weeks so that would not be a big deal
9. Cardio - i play basketball for probably 2 hours 1-2x a week, no reason that would be an issue right?
10. Beer/alcohol - Besides slowing potential gains any risk health wise of drinking alcohol or beer while taking hdrol? I found some conflicting answers.

Well that does it, i know its a lot i am just trying to make sure i know as much as possible before I do this, dont feel like you have to answer all of it, i am interested in anything you have to add.



Ok I am about to start my cycle of hdrol too, but ive done a lot of research first and talked to a lot of people. This is just my advice to you. Research more on your own to start!! As for your hdrol dosage, its better to do 50/50/75/75/50/50 because its easier on your body to go from 50 to nothing the on to PCT than 75 to PCT. Please tell me you are going to take more than just milk thistle. That will not suffice for protection. I am doing a pre-load of Milk Thistle, Liver Care, Fish Oil, Flax Seed, coQ10, Hawthorne berry, Lglutamine and mulit vitamins. I will do 2 weeks of that and then when I start hdrol, use cycle assist and Lean xtreme. Be sure to drink a lot of water (about a gallon a day) and eat like youve never eaten before. Be sure to consume a lot of BCAAs and a lot of carbs. Minimize dairy intake and STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL and caffeine. You have a heart condition, these are stimulants and it will sky rocket your BP. Your cycle assist and preload supps are protecting your from that so dont F it up to drink with the buddies or have a morning coffee. Yes, use taurine for back pumps.

If you see any signs of gyno (unlikely with hdrol but not impossible) discontinue right away and start your PCT. PCT should consist of all or most of your preload supps and something such as Reversitol V2, an Aromatase inhibitor and tribulus for 4 weeks. SO NO ALCOHOL, SOFT DRINKS COFFE CIGS, or anything with caffeine in it. You may want to stay away from cardio. You may experience killer shin splints so beware. There are a lot of sacrifices with doing a cycle if you want to be safe and get the most gains out of it as possible. DOnt take my words as the only advice so RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. Just from the questions you asked, please dont take a cycle until you know more. Some people will say use clomid or nolvedex (NOT Nolvadex XT...completely different) and thats your choice but those are a bit strong of a PCT for hdrol and mostly used for superdrol or more potent prohormones. THats all I have to add really. Just Eat like never before, and lift like an animal, but most importantly, get plenty of rest. Of course there should be the usual high protein intake, but Im assuming you knew that already. Good luck, train hard and be safe.


This post sucks on many levels.


Well contribute something more than criticizing my post. I never said I knew everything at all or I was 100% correct. I was willing to share what I have learned so far, but obviously its more than you since you comment to only shit talk as oppose to giving advise as this guy is looking for. Isnt this forum for helping each other out and learning about training? Apparently you only have negative things to say or lack much to say for that matter; so go complain elsewhere buddy. Oh, and please feel free to input on the different levels of how my post sucks so bad. F'n douche.


dont drink on hdrol, will put added strain on the liver. Also try to avoid caffeine or any other type of stim because hdrol can increase your blood pressure. hdrol does not aromatize so gyno while on cycle shoud not be an issue, but yes your pct looks fine. i have no idea about your heart murmur, and no basketball shouldnt be that bad but yes you can get really bad shin cramps/splints so they may keep you from playing even if you want to.


Ha Ha. This always makes me laugh good job Bonez.

I used Hdrol as well and will add my 2 cents. I would not stress a whole lot about having everything laid out perfectly. Liver support supps are good to take because it is hard on the liver like all prohormones. I'm not sure that milk thistle is the best tho there is tones of liver support supps out there that I'm sure are better than milk thistle so explore those options. I never went back to using 50mg a day I just ran it at 75 right to the end then ran my PCT.

Honestly don't expect much from H drol I kinda considered it a waste. I would have rather spent the cash on protein and BCAA's lol. Just saying I never gained much from it but everyone is different so good luck.


If you arent sure youre 100% correct how bout you do us all a favor and avoid dumbing down the forum with a nonsense post.

I dont have time to pick your entire post apart but ill just leave this here

Alcohol is a depressant not a stimulant. If you insist on calling me names like a 9 year old child ill be glad to dissect the rest of your post. And that part about the alcohol is just a small error


Ewwe they so sensitive


You obviously had time to read my "nonsense" post so why not do a favor to inform us of your great knowledge. I never said alcohol is a stimulant, caffeine is, and that alcohol is hard on the liver. Yes, so please dissect my post and critique it if you will. It just may provide some useful information to the original poster and others.


O rly?

It's a piece of shit post, rife with conjecture and straight up false statements. I dont even care enough to go over everything. It would be ten minutes of my life completely wasted.

If the op wants to run hdrol, go for it. Run a simple nolva pct and be done with it. Nothing else is needed. I dont endorse an hdrol cycle but that's that.


I was referring to the caffeine products, but that is irrelevant. Haha you already wasted ten minutes reading posts and replying, but whatever. Just curious, why do you think hdrol is not a good product? Too weak?? Also, just nolva? I know hdrol isnt the strongest, but it still can have effects on your liver hence the reason for common use of milk thistle and liver care. Piece of shit post I think not. Other than a mis-worded statement, what is actually false???!!!


I dont help people who call me a 'Fuckin douche', amongst other things. Do you think I have no integrity at all?


Simply put, you were being one. I said I was curious, not that I need help. Do as you will. I didnt start this post.


I didnt say I thought hdrol was not a good product, for the record


Why should he abort the cycle if there are signs of gyno? just start running nolva.
Tribulus? wow
This post really does suck


Maybe for a week. Are you saying to run your PCT during a cycle?? haha Seriously???!! Key word in PCT, POST in Post cycle therapy.
Yes Tribulus. Instead of criticizing, give one good reason why not.
My post doesn't suck, this website does.


What the fuck is tribulus going to do? By what mechanism will it stimulate LH? Which is necessary for testosterone production after the HPTA is suppressed from anabolic steroid use.

So explain how tribulus will have any positive effect whatsoever.

Ill even help you out by saying that it is well know that tribulus has an effect on libido and doesnt have anything close to a signifcant effect on boosting testosterone levels (even when LH is not suppressed). So explain how tribulus is a good choice to use after a steroid cycle for anything other than a boost in libido.

Why should he add carbs to his diet? How do you know this particular person tolerates high amount of carbs? (You dont; its a general statement that is complete drivel when given to someone you know nothing about)


"its better to do 50/50/75/75/50/50 because its easier on your body to go from 50 to nothing the on to PCT than 75 to PCT"

Did you just make that up? How does it make any sense? In fact, the opposite is true.

"Please tell me you are going to take more than just milk thistle. That will not suffice for protection. I am doing a pre-load of Milk Thistle, Liver Care, Fish Oil, Flax Seed, coQ10, Hawthorne berry, Lglutamine and mulit vitamins. I will do 2 weeks of that and then when I start hdrol, use cycle assist and Lean xtreme. Be sure to drink a lot of water (about a gallon a day)"

All of those supplements are completely unnecessary. For general health, fine. But there is nothing about hdrol or any other oral steroid that necessitates the use of any of those supplements in a healthy man.

What is 'reversitol' going to do after the cycle? It's not a drug.

Why would someone take an aromatase inhibitor while or after using a drug that DOESNT AROMATIZE?

Nolvadex is 'a bit strong'? Are you on crack? When somoene uses anabolic steroids and their HPTA is suppressed the proper way to recover is with a SERM. Anything else is reckless and ill-advised.

You sound like a supplement store salesmen with no actual experience. It's blatantly clear that you are simply parroting information that you read somewhere else.

If you want to go with that information for your own drug use, that's one thing. But when you start offering advice to others you are acting irresponsible.


And one last thing.

Are you a doctor? Cardiologist?


[quote]undera22 wrote:
[quote]IdolHands wrote:

"Maybe for a week." First problem, use of the word "Maybe"
"Are you saying to run your PCT during a cycle?? Umm yes that's what I'm saying
"haha Seriously???!!" Yep totally serious
"Key word in PCT, POST in Post cycle therapy."
You're a fucking tard, the drug itself isn't for PCT, it's to prevent estrogen from getting into certain tissues and creating problems. AAS users are just crafty and found out it can aid in post cycle recovery.
"Yes Tribulus. Instead of criticizing, give one good reason why not."
One super great amazing reason is because it doesn't fucking work
"My post doesn't suck, this website does."
Your post blows, this website is awesome and the forum is useful as well as entertaining, Bonez is a well respected vet with a wealth of knowledge, you should tap the well, not piss in it.