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First Guy to Bench Over 1000lbs


Guy's name is Gene Rychlak. I'm meeting him this Saturday at Boston Barbell... not gonna lie I'm a little scared haha



I think he's the only person to bench and squat 1,000 in competition. That is, until Dave Hoff does it.


Check this out, if you haven't already.


yes but dave hoff will do it in the same meet


Man he seems like such a down to earth guy from that interview. Congratulations on meeting him.


OP, isn't DiZenzo going to be at that Bosotn seminar as well? I envy you soo much!


I ended up being a side spotter for squat during the competition. It's extremely intense/scary... especially when you have people squatting in the 800s and not making their lift. That's me on the right with the man himself and my bro on the left in red who also spotted.


i hope you told him how epic his beard is


lol I was there competing


Nice man put up some pics. You know Jim Salvadore? He has a nice cam and took a bunch of pix I'm sure he has one of you. What weight class were you competing?


Oh, how impressive today's lifting gear is...


Here we go... (again)...


Yes it is, isn't it? Without the gear it wouldn't be possible to lift that amount of weight!

Or do you mean that it's not an impressive lift because he's using a bench-shirt?

I don't like gear either but then I'm not competing, if I was, I would every single piece of gear available to lift more, because that's what the sport is all about!


Forget about lifting 1000 lbs physically, overcoming that mental barrier alone must have been enormous.


I'm still waiting for pics to be uploaded since I didn't personally take any. I was in the 220's that day.


It's still impressive, obviously, it's just that the advancements in lifting gear that have come about in recent decades is simply astounding. I just like to consider myself old-school, in that I find raw lifting to be more "natural", I guess.


Every single time gear comes up.

How can you tell someone is a raw lifter? Don't worry, they'll tell you.




Scott Mendelson said he can feel his Humerus flex when the hand-off is made. Crazy shit just to think about.


It's crazy to think that guys in their 40s are still lifting and setting records too. A lot of the "old school" guys all broke down after only a few years of competitive lifting.

I can't find it anywhere, but I'm pretty sure Gene is in his 40s. I'm sure Scot Mendelson is up there somewhere too. Chuck Vogelpohl is 46 (!!!) and Donnie Thompson is 45. I bet all of these guys would be devastated if they trained completely raw their entire careers.