First Gear Cycle

I’m fixing to purchase my first gear, i’m at 222 and probably 15% body fat, i’ve been lifting serious for about 2.5years and have a pretty good diet.

My first choices are deca300 or sustanon250 with either an equipoise or winny stacker, i do have some joint problems and am sort of confused from some other posts thinking what i read was deca will hurt joints or help joints, any advice will help, i wanta get big but lean down to.

you always want to run testosterone as a base of a cycle and deca is very good example of why you need test during a cycle. you can run test and deca or test and eq. are you going to be using winny orally or injecting it?

Deca= good for joints Winstrol= Possibly bad for joints

Like he said, test should be the base.

if you take winstrol orally it can be used for fat loss. if you take winstrol injects its used for strength and mass building.

my suggestion

test enanthate 500mg/wk two shots a week

if your going to use deca take 300mg week if your going to use eq take 600mg week. you need to run eq for a long time so i dont suggest it for a first cycle.

a good 10 week cycle of this is not bad.
test enathate 500mg week 2 shots a week
winstrol oral 25mg a day 1 a day
deca 300mg week 1 shot a week

this way you have a synergy in your cycle. all the families of steroids would be in your cycle test,19nor and dht.