First Full Cycle

I did a half cycle of Test Cyp 250. I decided to try a full cycle.
GP Deca 250 injectable
GP Letrozole (pills)
Dianabol (pills)
Clenbuterol (pills)
GP Test U250 (Nebido) injectable.
1ml Syringe with Needle

Does anyoen feel this is a good start? When I did my half cycle I went up from 170-184. My lifts went up but since being off for over 2 months my lifts have stayed the same just my weight went down to 165. Are there any tweeks or anything that someone would change?

what the hell is a half cycle?

And why the hell didnt you read the sticky that’s titled “Read Before Posting” ?


  1. My name is Dave. I am 30 years old. 5’6 168 lbs. I have been lifting for hte majority of 10 years off and on depending on injuries and deployments. Rough liftin stats are 245lbs bench on my own, deadlift of 365lbs and squat is 350 on a smith machine. This woudl be my full cycle since the last cycle was only 4 weeks due to my middle mans supplier selling my other 4 weeks supply witout having a back up plan.

  2. I choose those drugs above becuase they are all the usual name brands I knwo or they are equvalent to them for the effect I am looking for. I do not have a cycle plan becuase this is my first time doing any of this. All of these are off a website i review to purchase them since i have no one to ask or talk to about these since i got screwed over before.

No need for 3 steroids in a cycle when you are this new.

test alone would be fine. test and dbol if youre particularly ambitious.

What are your plans for PCT.

Please do more researhc

Well the Post Cycle I was planning to do the clen to cut up, and the letrozle? Is there any other recommendations?

I was plannign on the Clem to cut up and the estroagen blocker at the last few weeks.

Okay so my cycle would be
Week 1-10 dianabol 10mg every other day
week 2-10 test 1 ml every other day
Week 2-10 Clem 100 mcg per day
Week 4-10 GP Anastrozole 1 mg every other day.

[quote]davidpvtmouse wrote:
Okay so my cycle would be
Week 1-10 dianabol 10mg every other day
week 2-10 test 1 ml every other day
Week 2-10 Clem 100 mcg per day
Week 4-10 GP Anastrozole 1 mg every other day.


10 mg of dbol a day isnt going to do anything for you. Most people wouldnt run it for 10 weeks either.

How much is “1 ml” of test? If it’s the whatever 250 you were talking about in your original post, that’s going to be 750mg-1 gram of test a week! That’s a shitload for a beginner and wayyy more than you need.

If you’re talking about clenbuterol, you don’t need that for this cycle. Test/dbol is primarily a bulking cycle. Get big first, then worry about cutting.

That’s quite a bit of arimidex as well. Start it day 1 at .25 mg every other day. If you drop your E2 too low you’re going to be a wreck.

Do more research, you’re going to hurt yourself.

Dude im kinda new to steroids and this just sounds kinda retarded, how much test is in the 1 ml, and clen is usually tapered up, and your dbol dose is something i haven’t seen before.

This guy has no fucking clue. He shouldn’t be encouraged. He should be made example of.

that is the measurment in the syringe. it is the equivalent of the pill form that is recommened on the site.

You have absolutely ZERO knowledge about this stuff. Like not even close.

You have MONTHS of reading to do. It is evident from your replies that you arent grasping basic concepts. You will mess yourself up in one way or another if you use these drugs at this point

Holy shit man, please do not even think about taking any of these compounds right now. It’s very probable you’ll end up fucking yourself up badly, possibly forever, and then blame steroids for your mistakes. It’s painfully obvious you have no idea about any of these things. I literally cannot see one thing in your proposed cycle that makes sense. In addition, you’re 170lbs after 10 years! I weighed that much when I was 13 (not fat)!!! You’re clearly doing something very wrong and you’ll likely lose everything coming off cycle.

So please, please, please, do not take anything now. I have nothing to gain for you not jumping on cycle. I’m just looking out for you. We don’t get paid for this, we do this to give advice and help because we want to help others with things we’ve already gone through. Please take a lot more time to figure out how to eat right and exercise more efficiently. At the very LEAST please spend more time reading and researching