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First Football Workout


I was looking for some help my 14 year old son is going to start playing high school football this fall and I am trying to find a base routine for him.He is on the small side around 5ft 100 to 11o lbs.He's quick and agile but needs to build strenght he plays running back and saftey.Any help would be great.


Feed him. Lots. Stick to basics (perfect form). Add sprints for speed.

But for the love, feed him.


What he said.

As for programs... I started my 15-year old on Thib's HP Mass principles in December and between December and March his 3RM for Bench Press went from 90lbs to 130lbs. He's Deadlifting 200lbs already, not bad for 15. I was concerned it might be too advanced for him but he took to it just fine, but deifnitely FEED him.