First Figure Competition

I am thinking of doing a figure competition in the beginning of May. I have never done one before but have seen a friend of mine do one last year. It has really interested me. I think I could do really good in one. But the problem is I don’t really know where to start or what exactly to do.

I know I need to workout more and get very strict with my diet 3 months out. Can anyone please give me tips and suggestions about a first figure competition. I need all the advice I can get!! Thanks!!

I’m 5’6.5" about 135 pounds with about 21% BF

maybe you’ve already checked it out… but if not here are some out takes from my wife’s last couple of months getting ready for her first show

1- don’t count on putting on muscle when you do your first ever cut, just focus on conditioning
2-learn to pose. It can make you appear better than someone who truly has a better physique, but doesn’t know how to present it.
3-Give yourself more time than you think you need.
4-Have someone with an objective eye keep you on track.


I agree with Stu… I did my first figure show in October and had no clue what I was doing when I started. Lots of reading, worked with a figure gal at the gym I work at. She helped me tremendously with my diet and workout schedule. Seek out someone irl or online (I found some great friends on Facebook) and get help with someone who has been there already. Yes, and definitely learn to pose and practice, practice practice… Then pracice more… Get mirrors and put them all around, walk a lot in the shoes… And plan on a lot more money than you thought it would be to do the show. Between the suit, shoes, spray tanning, entry fees, polygraph, association fees, travel and hotel cost… I think I spent about $1000… give or take. So worth it, and I am going to do another show in May here in Philly… Good luck. Here is a link to a great First Time Competitor article:

Great article spudgirl70, going to bookmark that for later.

I too am doing my 1st comp 2/2013. So psyched to have the links for research!

I too am doing my 1st comp 2/2013. So psyched to have the links for research!