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First Few Months on TRT with Minimal Results

I will call them on monday and get the full scoop. I really hopes this works out because i was starting to research UGLs and just self administer trt. It was driving me crazy because it everybody is scammer nowadays.

They will still need a physical paper filled out from someone. Also they can send you a lab slip that you can bring to an in network lab and have insurance pay(I do this. Covers 100%) I was hesitant at first also but dealing with a pcp will just be a joke. Defy wants you optimal 24/7. Pcp wants infrequent dosing so your labs show mid range. It’s worth the extra money to know you wont have to deal with B.S.

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That makes a lot of sense, it’s more for the benefit of the doctor (stays out of trouble) and less optimal for the patient.

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You get what ya pay for. Insurance sucks. Unless emergency happens. I bet annually your insurance plus co pays and more is greater than anything you would pay a private trt doc and etc.

There is nothing good going to come from a shitty doc.

A good well being equals a life where I have energy to work and generate income for my hormones and proper care.