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First Female Cycle - Feedback Please

Agree with the above- if you are dead set on taking test, propionate is the best option. It’s a different ballgame, this isn’t going to just change your body, it affects your mind and emotions. Over time, repeated cycles will thicken your jawbone. You might get acne. Or bacne. Or chestne. If you are looking for something to do between cycles of test that would be your orals or SARMs.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Can you give me some more on the test cyp? I’m told that test will help keep gains when I cycle off the Winny. Does that make any sense?

This comes down to your goals. If you want to be more like a man, take test.
You cannot predict virilization rate, but it will likely happen. Why not try oxandrolone/lower dose stanozolol only and see what happens.
Worst case you lose some gains and are still feminine, but I highly doubt you will lose all.

Test undecanoate oral is easier to take small dosages and also it is a longer ester so it won’t cause a rapid spike in T levels.
Overall I don’t think any woman should take T without immense supervision and especially just for gains/vanity.

What exactly are you going for? I think let’s be honest about your goals because if you want to be 200lbs, the cost will be your femininity and I am not here to judge but you have the right to know how your decisions will affect you down the line permanently.


Everything you say makes sense. I am feminine and wish to remain feminine. The cost/benefit ratio for test doesn’t sound like anything I’m willing to risk. Today is day 11 on winstrol, I’m experiencing very positive changes, no sides…yet. I will admit, however, that I was looking forward to the libido boost with test, but let’s be honest, my better half won’t be into me if I start getting masculine features. If I do well on winny for the duration of the 12-week cycle, would it make the most sense to stay with winny for my next cycle, or maybe give anavar a shot? I am able to get my hands on whatever I need.

I really appreciate everyone’s open and honest feedback. Information on this topic for women is scarce.

12 weeks may be pushing it. Hopefully others can give feedback.
I would rather half that and maybe run a cycle next year again earliest? (Don’t take my advice here search for better answers)

Yes, if your oxandrolone/anavar source is legit, try it. Please make sure it is pure oxandrolone.

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I have heard numerous times Anavar is great for female libido. IME, on me (a male) it lowered libido.

IMO, for female users it is worth getting everything tested.


How would I go about getting it tested? I actually wouldn’t mind getting the Winny I’m on tested.

I haven’t done it myself. People call it “labmaxing”. Maybe search “lab max steroid test”.

You can get testing done where you send in a pill or two (or and amp or vial if using injectables) and they test it to tell you what compound(s) are present, and how much is present (is your 10 mg pill actually 10 mg).

Or you can get at home tests where you mix a ground up pill in a liquid and it turns a color that matches up with different steroids. These will not tell you how much of the drug you are getting though.

Just checked, there is a company called LabMax that sells at home testing kits. Thanks, friend, wouldn’t have known about this otherwise! You’ve been awesome!

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Everyone’s different and you don’t really know until you try. But knowing that going into a 1st cycle you can be wary.

Let us know how it goes ironbunny.
Feel free to send physique pic too, I find it crazy how such a low dose of a DHT derivative can really transform a woman and keep the feminine magnetism.

You got it! I would really like to write a blog post or something for women who have similar interests/questions, because there is literally no information available! Thank you again for your time and thoughts!


Hello, my friends. I’ve been reading up on primo and am considering stacking it with the 10 mg. winny/day. Start with 25 mg./day oral to see how things progress. Still no sides on the Winstrol. Would it be better to complete the Winny cycle and try primo for my off time?

Starting slow is usually a good idea. Two AAS stacked have more sides than one at a time typically. With AAS is can be a 1+1=3 both for the good things and the bad things. Try them separate, if all good, try combo is what I would do.

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I knew you’d come through for me, thank you.

Agree with mnben ironbunny.
If I can make an interesting remark you can dive into…
Have a look at hormone therapy for women. Be it now, or later on in your life.
Small amounts of DHT derivatives can be used as a hormone therapy down the line.
Small amounts of oxandrolone/stanozolol maybe even methenolone(primo).

Don’t blast anything, at doses very effective even for aesthetic gains (in women), your liver won’t ever take a beating, granted there are exceptions. Also, I would bet a therapy would include some “female” hormones too.

Myo, forgive my ignorance…how would estrogen/progesterone help with my current goals? Honestly, I am a novice with AAS, and am learning so much from this forum!

Estrogen has been shown to have a lot of benefits. I don’t know the specifics between men and women, but at least for men allowing higher E2 (estradiol) while on cycle lowers body fat more than those who artificially lower E2 with AIs (aromatize inhibitors). E2 is needed for higher natural HGH and IGF-1 levels as well. The first example of lowering body fat is likely due just to the higher HGH and IGF-1 from the higher E2, but there could be another mechanism at play as well?

I don’t know about progesterone, maybe Myo can add to that and also estrogen.

Don’t touch estrogen. Consider progesterone.

C’mon man, you gotta give me more than that! You’re a great educator!

I guess I wouldn’t think a woman who hasn’t gone through menopause would need it. More like don’t suppress it.

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