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First Female Cycle - Feedback Please

41 y/o, 5’3", currently 124 lbs., 17%bf

I’ve been training for 10+ years, diet is very consistent (1650 cal.) 40/40/20 and would like some feedback on my first cycle. These recommendations were given to me by a “hormone specialist” who believes my doses are fairly low and should be unlikely to result in any virilization. All of my bloodwork was excellent, with the exception of slightly high AST/ALT.

10 mg. oral Winny/day, was also recommended to take .4 ml of 200 mg./mL test cyp./week, for a 12-week cycle. I’m also taking 1000 mg. Tudca/day. Today is day 4 of Winny, I have not started the test because I wanted to see if I would have any sides on the winstrol before starting test.

Thoughts, please?

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I think you are going to get virilization.

Was this recommended over oxandralone (Anavar)? You would be better off on Anavar. With winny your only advantage is it isn’t faked as much (and cost, but as a female user, you should be using very low doses, so the price really shouldn’t matter). So taking real winny is better than Dbol that you though was Anavar. If I were a woman I would be getting all AAS I take tested before using as the risks are much higher.

This is 50 mg/wk if you have 200 mg/mL Test C. I would not take a long estered drug on your first run (if you start getting sides, you can’t stop quickly). I wouldn’t take Test at all if you care about staying feminine (test is after all what makes men manly). The dose of test you are taking equates to about how much testosterone an average man makes (maybe just a tad low), so it will very likely cause virilization. Just for your reference, many FTM transgender patients are prescribed 100 mg/wk of testosterone (probably the most common dose). They look like men in a short amount of time.

If you were to use an injectable drug it should be primo at about that dosage. You would want to test primo as it is faked a lot.

Please don’t do this, unless you want to look more manly.


Primo and equipoise much better than test cyp. Depends on what your goals are - powerlifting anavar is much more effective for strength gains and winni for hardness and overall gains, especially hypertrophy. Toward the end of the cycle you may notice bloating, though. Expect appetite to skyrocket with injectables. Virilization will be more intense with the injectables as well. Primarily, chin hair and hair around nipples plus clit enlargement. These things diminish over time when off cycle but may never completely go away.

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Please stop that immediately. Wildly unnecessary and actually does more harm than good. NAC is all you need.

My goal is purely for vanity, which is why I thought winstrol would be the best option. Is the test even necessary? Will I notice significant improvements without test? I appreciate your reply.

Even with already elevated ALT/AST? What is negative about Tudca? Thank you for your reply!

How elevated? And TUDCA is a precision supplement. It works very well under certain conditions. If said conditions are not present it’ll actually cause more damage. 10mg of winstrol will not cause those conditions. NAC is better and can be taken without any real downside.

Each are less than 10 points over the normal range. I will give NAC a try, thank you!

If you get blood drawn within a certain window of time after an intense workout it’s pretty likely that you’ll have elevated AST/ALT. Mine is always slightly out of range because blood work is done early AM and I work out later PM. I once had blood drawn after taking a few days off at the gym and my AST/ALT were normal. 10pts our of range is nothing to be alarmed about, especially if you work out.

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If your goal is strictly vanity then winni alone is perfect. Adding test is way overdoing it. I actually found that using the SARM Ostarine is much better if all you are looking for is aesthetics. It gives you almost as good as winni without the liver sides.

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I really appreciate this, Beth! I’m always looking for feedback from women.

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Ostarine makes sense since its clinical focus was stress urinary incontinence, particularly in post menopausal women. There’s a good deal of data about how it effects women specifically, which is not something you find with traditional steroids (outside of one longer study of primo).

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I think several of the sarms might be worth looking into. Cardarine (not sure if this is technically a sarm?) Improves endurance so you can work harder. If getting lean this should help.

Just to throw it out there since you made a new post about virilization.
I don’t think any testosterone is a good idea for you - whoever suggested you inject cyp is kinda an idiot.
If this is your first cycle, why not use 5-10 mg oxandrolone?
Stanozolol is not off the table, but I am not sure you need 10mg right off the bat.

And just to say it again, some guy (“hormone specialist” ) wanted you to take 80mg of test cyp a week? what the fuck that is nuts

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Can you give me some more on the test cyp? I’m told that test will help keep gains when I cycle off the Winny. Does that make any sense?

It will do that and give you more gains, but it comes at a cost. Test is anabolic, but also pretty androgenic (the part that causes manly traits). Other AAS can be anabolic with less androgenic properties (some with more too). Test isn’t favorable for women that want to remain feminine for that reason.

It comes down to how much negative sides you are willing to put up with. Women do run it, but many end up with a lot of negatives, have surgeries to correct.

Many men even grow more facial and body hair, and lose head hair on trt dosages. How much it impacts you comes down to genetics. Some are more prone to these negatives than others. It is a good reason to start slow and see how you respond.

Fwiw, I’ve heard women having better results with fast acting test, and pinning it pre workout. Stuff like test suspension or perhaps test ace.

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That’s interesting, thank you! I have a vial of 200 mg/mL, so the lowest dose I could get is 20 mg., that’s pretty low, right? What’s the lower end of what women can pin while still getting some benefit.

To clarify information I gave earlier, the “hormone specialist” is a TRT office, who are able to get AAS by means of a compounding pharmacy.

All of you have been great, thank you so much for your willingness to share your knowledge!

TBH I don’t really know. Test is given to menopausal women in small doses. You could look up what they are doing and probably get away with a bit more.

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I believe 10-20mg weekly is used as a replacement dose for women. You could start there, however I think the suggestion of Oxandrolone is a better way to start, and go from there.

Edit: I should say I’m not a dr, but do know 2 girls who ran Oxandrolone and saw very good results from it, without any serious side effects.


Test C for a woman is such a bad, bad idea. There’s a reason that women typically use prop instead. When you take testosterone—specifically c and e—you get an immediate release of a portion of it. In a man this is not an issue. In a woman it is a very bad no good awful thing. Women microdose prop because 1. Easy to bail out quickly if it goes pear shaped, and 2. Tiny doses don’t cause spikes of the same scale relative to c or e.

If you’re set on test then use prop at no more than 3mg eod. Otherwise… I guess hope for the best, prepare for the worst. But hope is not a reliable strategy.

Also, you can go to r/steroidsxx and see what they recommend. Don’t take my word for anything, I have boy parts and I’m just a random stranger here.