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First Experience with FINiBARs


I just ordered a box and tried them for the first time today before my leg workout. I ate 2 and a half about a half hour prior to the workout. Two things surprised me. First was the feeling I had throughout the workout and even a couple hours after. I expected to have plenty of energy, but I had almost a stimulant type of buzz and tingly feeling. I would say it lasted a good 3 hours or more. The second thing that surprised me was the pump. After two warmup sets on the leg press, I had a crazy pump in my quads. After 5 sets, it was almost uncomfortable. After some walking lunges, my legs were so pumped, I could barely walk. Then after the workout, I looked in the mirror and I had visible veins in my quads and even in my abs and shoulders, which has never happened before. I did a few sets of band pull aparts for my rear delts and my shoulders were more pumped than they usually are on shoulder day.

For those of you who have used FINiBARs before, have you noticed similar results? I was expecting a lot of energy, but the pumps were crazy and completely unexpected. I'm also curious about the stimulant buzz. Do you adapt to it with continued use?



I've never had a "stimulant buzz" when eating FINiBARs.

I've also never noticed any incredible pumps from them either. I get the same amount of energy from them as I would any other source of carbs.

Had you never eaten carbs before working out before this? I can't see any other reason you would get such an incredible effect from them. I do like them myself but just because they are a quick and easy solid food I can have before my workouts in the morning.


that ain't right lol


i noticed better pumps and had a bit more energy, but not the way you say.

you sure you werent Spiked with Dbol? lol


1st thing was probably placebo.

2nd thing, the pump, probably the carbs 'super-hydrating' you.



Hell dude, FiniBars are just carbs wraped in a bit of chocolate with some protein in them. Juat like V86 states, the effects would be the same as eating a sweet pototo and chicken pre-work out (ableit about an 1-2 hours before opposed to 30 mins)The 'buzz' was obviously you getting way to excited about eating a FiniBar in the first place. The pump....Errr that'll be the carbs. Good for you that you had an awesome workout.

I'm Intermitant fasting at the mo, n just have BCAA + creatine pre work-out. Have had some of the most productive workout-outs ever n my strength is increasing. To much importance is given to suppliments in general, often by this very site which sometimes would have us believe that Biotest suppliments are the 'dogs bollocks' so to speak. 'I took some indigo 3G tablets and now feel anabolic all day' Gimma a fucking break. The biggest, leanest, strongest and most athletic guys I know (non- steroid uses) just use protein powders for conveinience and creatine.

50% smart but hard training ('Oh I'm taking 17 scoops of Mag-10+Anaconda + FiniBars + SWF + Indigo + whatever I wasted loadsa my cash on.. Now let me finish this set on leg extension then I'll have earnt that big cheat meal)
45% Smart consistent nutrition
5% supplimentation

Sorry for the rant there fellas....Just that mkro rolled it out like some folk do on this very site...'oooh I took this and that and it made me so awesome'
I'll shut up and give myself a slap


I typically eat 100g of carbs between 30-60 minutes preworkout so that's nothing new. Usually it's rice or oatmeal, but my schedule has changed so I needed something easy that I could eat in the car. I don't think Finibars are some magical supplement with steroid like effects. I wouldn't even say I had a better workout because of them. But something definitely felt different during and afterward and it surprised me.

I've been training for 15 years and tried everything out there so I would like to think I know the difference, but maybe it was a placebo effect or maybe it was a hydration issue. I'll try them again and see what happens. Just wanted to see if anyone else had similar effects.


You're a level 4...should you really be ragging on Biotest and people who purchase their products?


x2 lol

I ordered some FINiBARs when they first came out and I really liked them. (too expensive to keep consistently using them) but I noticed that I was more vascular during workouts where I had eaten them vs workouts when I hadnt. Probably just the extra carbs and what not.. but yeah that was the effect that I noticed in myself.



Fair enough...Apologies to Mkro for coming off as a dick (well more than I am in reality)I rate Biotest suppliments very highly, and fully appreciate info given out on T-Nation .Wasn't my intention to 'rag on anyone'. It was obviously my time of the month when I posted. Just believe that we...Should change the 'we' to 'me' relyed to much on Suppliments and forgot about hard work.
I'll give myself a double chinese burn and drop myself down to a level -1. (The whole level thing is a bit 'WarCraft' though isn't it.)

I'm not ashamed to say i was outta order...We love you Biotest. ;0)