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First Exercise on Back Day?


on my back day i almost always start out doing some kind of chin-ups/pull-ups, because (1)they incorporate a lot of different muscles, and (2)i want to build bigger lats.

but i was wondering if i should switch it up and do something else first sometimes, such as some kind of rows? what are other people doing as far as back days go?

any input is appreciated!


I do the same thing, pretty much its the best to start with imo. Just like on chest/shoulder day I start with bench, or leg day squats. The exercises that works the most muscles is the best.

Some other favs of mine are bent over rows and dumbbell rows.


Back day usually looks like this, but I'll switch up the order if other people took some equipment I want to use, except for deads.

T-bar rows
Rear delt machine
Dumbbell rows


I think you should always switch up if your training for muscle.


For back work I always start with a width movement like a cable pulldown chin or machine pulldown and then go to a thickness movement like rack deads, deads from the floor or a t bar row. I figure if I can still hit width after a brutal set of dead lifts I'm holding back.


After years of always starting with a power movement like deads, or BB rows, in recent years I've migrated to starting my back sessions with straight arm pressdowns, or cable scapular retractions. After either of those, your BB rows will really torch your midback.



Supersetting is my choice in general. However, these days I usually warm up and then do some lean away pull-ups as my first exercise. It's a great total back lift but VERY difficult and if I'm already fatigued it just ain't happening.


For Me it's cable pull downs, light/high reps like 20..

Get some blood in the joints and warm up...

Then pull ups, then I mix it up each week...


Sounds promising, I will def try that out this evening.


barbell rows.


Warm up then 4/5 sets of 5 BB rows.


First on back day is deadlifts at the moment, but once i hit the wall on that i'll probably switch to pullups for a while before starting over with deadlifts and trying to cycle up to a bit more, and so on and so on. That's the plan anwyay!


Me too