First Ever Powerlifting Commercial

Hey guys
last weekend I made some commercials just for fun. Check it out there are 3 versions


Whatever it was, I thought it was pretty cool…

Awesome. I wish they would show some heavy lifting in the media more in general. It might help to break some prejudices about it.

I like the second one for the reason it was geared more towards power lifting. But shouldn’t you be lifting with the shoes? I

would approach the bar…put on the shoes, lift, take the shoes off and drop them next to the bar and walk away while the camera zooms in on the shoes. I think the opening shot with you waking up should still be left in.

Did you use Adobe to edit that piece?

[quote]Brett Tucek wrote:
You call these “powerlifting” commercials…why?[/quote]

Yeah, I wouldnt go that far. Perhaps a commercial that just happened to show a guy deadlifting.

Nice work!!!

I liked the first one the best.

And I like the song, even though I have no idea what he is saying lol.

Good job man.

thanks guys
i dunno what the song is either
i just want it to seem “foreign” lol
i guess its not really a powerlifting commercial as much as a commercial of a guy waking up in the morning, lace up his nikes and went for a run/lifting session.

The actor is my good friend alex
who posts on here
hes a real powerlifter!

Oh, I completely missed the fact that you made it.
I thought it was a real commercial from Japan.

Good work with it. I like the shot of the Chucks too.

while it isnt really a powerlifting commercial, the school featured in this commercial is euless trinity hs which is who my uncle coaches for. the community is made up of a bunch of polynesians, mainly from tonga and they are very big and strong people. its always a blast to watch them run over people every season