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First Ever PCT. Nolvadex Dosage?

Hi, just finished my first ever cycle of Test-C 200mg/week with orals.

Its’ been two weeks since my last pin, and bridged with T-bol and Proviron.

Last took the orals today and plan on starting on Nolvadex tomorrow.

How much should I take, and for how long?

The guy im buying from recommended 40mg for 2 weeks, and 20mg for 1 week.

I have seen some here recommend less than 40mg, to reduce side effects, etc.

I would appreciate advice on a good dosage and period length. Thanks!

You need 25-28 days for the test cyp to clear properly before starting PCT.
I’m not familiar with the nolva only pct but would think a week at 40mg/day and 3 weeks at 20/day would work. But see what the guys who know this protocol say.
How did the cycle work out for you, that’s a low dose run?

U guys think 40mg Nolva per day is too much for the first couple weeks?

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Hi what did you do? Im taking 10mg eod. And thinking about increasing my dosage too. Yeah 40 a day sounds too much.