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First Ever Cycle


:joy::joy: considering that’s a chubby little kid in a singlet. I tried to get the opposite. :joy:


See, I know that. It clearly is not a grown ass man, but for some reason the visual just stays with me.

Funny how the brain works.

Or doesn’t.


Well shit I gotta stop taking the var again, blood pressure spiked through the roof, was hoping it was just a coincidence the first time. Sucks because it gives such an awesome look in such a short time




Hey unreal, do you recommend curcumin? I take fishoil, vitamin C, Milk thistle, vitamin D, vitamin K2, Zinc & Magnesium. Do you think taking curcumin would be worth the extra 20 bucks a month?


I take Circumin, it has anti inflammatory benefits, it’s a powerful antioxidant, appears to lower the risk of various health ailments and more. The reason I take it though is because I’ve seen data (in animal models) indicating Circumin may prevent cardiac remodelling from various causes, while this may not carry over to humans, I’m a sucker for anything that potentially amoreliates cardiac dysfunction. Whether you think it’s worth that extra 20$/mth is entirely up to you.