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First Ever Cycle: Test/EQ 14 Weeks?


I was looking to do a 14 week cycle of test cypionate and eq. Not sure I can get my hands on eq but if I can I’m thinking 200mg 2x a week. 250mg test cyp 2x a week. Anastrozole as AI, clomid PCT.
I’m 5’10", ~195 lbs. No idea what bf%. I can still see abs so maybe 16-17%. Been lifting for over 4 years. Started at 125 lbs. Will post before/after pictures.
Current calories are 3800 but will probably bump this up to 4000+ when on cycle.
Looking to put on size but strength is the main goal.
Does this look ok?
Front loading, yes or no?
Should I run Nolvadex and Clomid for PCT? Or will the Clomid be enough.
Any supplements to take intra cycle just for general health? Anything to take with PCT for sex drive/natural test recovery? Open to questions/comments/advice.
Thank you.


I would drop the Eq for your first cycle and run test only. My first cycle I ran test c at 250mg per week. A lot of people think that 250 per week is to low but I made good gains off of it. Also learn how your body responds to test first. You may love it or you may hate it. You can always do more on the next cycle. Also to me 14 weeks seems long. I like 8-10 weeks (where I live hcg is not available if it were I might like 12 week+ cycles). Again this is my opinion . When on cycle I keep records of my weight and bf% and I tend to slow down making gains past 6-10 weeks.


well this is refreshing. A first cycle proposal that’s actually thoughtful and reasonable.

I generally don’t suggest running any injectables aside from test for a first cycle, BUT EQ may be an exception. It doesn’t come up very often, most people don’t suggest it. But it’s so mild in terms of sides and everything, and your dosing is fine, so I would probably go for it. It’s a good, strong first cycle.

I’m also a fan of using an oral to start any cycle, but that’s entirely up to you. It’s not necessary. I don’t frontload, but some people like to do it. Also just personal preference, probably won’t really effect the cycle much as a whole.

I think Nolva only is better than Clomid only for PCT, but definitely pick one or the other, not both. Dose relatively low, for at least 6 weeks. EQ is a long ester, so you’ll probably have to wait a full 3 weeks to begin PCT. Or another option would be to stop the EQ a week or 2 before you stop running the test, so everything clears around the same time. That’s probably a better idea.

If you decide to just run test, I agree with black coffee about the duration of the cycle. Test only should be more like 10-12 weeks for efficiency. But again, EQ is a long ester, so a longer cycle makes sense.


That sounds good. Will I be putting my natural test at risk with a test cycle more than 10 weeks? Risk the gonads shrinking past the point of no return?


This has been super helpful. Thank you for your thought out response. I appreciate it.
Will keep all of this in consideration when I start.


There is always a risk with using gear. That is why you have to educate yourself first and know what you are doing. The longer the cycle the more difficult that the pct can be. Every person responds differently. Using hcg on cycle will help recovery. Also shorter cycles are usually easer to recover from. By the way how old are you?


Yeah makes sense. I’m 22.


The best thing for you to do would be wait a few years. Your body is still developing. If you take gear now there is a greater chance that you will/could damage your natural production. Get your diet and training in check and take advantage of your already high natural test production. Use this time to educate yourself about proper gear use and pct and then in 3-5 years if you decide to use gear you will be ready. Just my opinion.