First Ever Cycle - Test E.

Hello gentlemen I have been crawling this site for months trying to put together my first ever cycle I know I am young at 21, I have been training seriosly for 3 year. Of which has been dedicated to researching legal supplements, diets, workouts and of coarse training!.

age: 21
height: 6,1
weight: 206
bf %: not certain, can see abs

Test e: 500mg weekly for 10 weeks

al: Arimidex 1mg every second day

2 weeks off everything

Clomid: 50mg every day
Nolvadex: 40mg everday

Both for 4 weeks

All comments will be greatly appreciated

Wanting to use not abuse.

Post up pics mate.

Give details of your diet and training too.

My diet is a standard bodybuilding diet really, 6/7 meals a day couple of them shakes eating on average
3200 kcals daily around 300grams protein.

training stats bench:120kgs (264 lbs)
squat:170kgs (374lbs)
deadlift:200kgs (440lbs)

Understand that on cycle will be increasing kcals to around 4500kcals and protein above 400grams

Really looking for advice on my cycle would realy appreciate thoughts and recommendations

You don’t need Nolva and Clomid, Nolva alone is fine and you can taper it off after the first couple weeks. 40/40/20/20 is the standard protocol.

With test E, you won’t have peak blood levels until 4 or 5 weeks in, so you don’t need to be taking that much Adex right off the bat. Start with .25 mg eod and step it up if you need to. You’ll probably find .5 mg eod is plenty.

Also look into frontloading.

Yeah your right will definatly taper off the Nolva. From what I reasearched clomid is used to increase your natural ability to produce test again and would help me keep more of my gains. Would leaving it out make for a better PCT?. Didnt think I should frontload just because I dont know how I react to test so if I had more than one steroid in me I couldnt tell which one the side effects are coming from. However if the blood concentration of Test E isnt till 3/5 weeks then maybe I could or should?. which steroid should I use?.

I’ve never used Clomid but most people here recommend using one of the other and say using both is unnecessary. However i cant imagine that running just nolva would be better, from what i understand it would be the same! Other forums people say run both, but personally i trust the guys here.

My first cycle was pretty much the same as yours, i didnt frontload for the same reason as you, started making gains quickly, you’re young there’s no point rushing but it wont hurt.

What i will advise is to be careful not to forget to up your calorie intake as you are gettng bigger.

Thanks for the advice mate thats answered a few questions. Also as its my first cycle im a little unsure what to expect I know if I have my cycle, diet and training in check I will grow and grow well!. However im not entirely sure what happens at the end of PCT. I have been reading you lose some lbs due to being in a catatonic state due to estrogen but when my natural testosterone is back up and running and everything is at usual levels will I feel how I did pre cycle? Will strengh gains drop considerably? Should I drop protein consumption down again to 1/1.5grams per pound along with a drop in kcals to suit new weight? How was your post first cycle phase like?

Also my goal is to put on as much lean muscle mass as possible on in this cycle and maintain as much as possible after. pretty standard really! what is a reasonable amount of lean muscle gain with this cycle? obviously with 4000+kcal diet very high in protein!

You could run the stasis taper pct if you dont want the crash of a PCT.
I dont think your strength gains will drop considerably no, I think it was bonez who recommended to me to lift heavy post cycle to keep your strength gains.
As long as your PCT goes wekk you should be back to normal afterwards yes.
As for dropping down the calories, do you intend to stop bulking after your cycle?
‘Lean’ bulk will be down to how clean you can eat and your cardio.
On another note, if you frontload and stop the cycle after 8 weeks it should make recovery quicker with similar gains.

I went away and researched the other options you provided, but think I want to stick to the plan of cycle and pct I have already. I feel I am finally prepared to start and feel confident enough. My last question is what is a reasonable amount of muscle to gain with this cycle?. I understand there are alot of variable but would appreciate your opinions especially those who have ran similar cycles.

5-10 kg maybe?