First Ever Cycle - Test E. Advice?

Hey all! So I’m about to run my first cycle, and I wanted to run it but since experienced folks here and see what y’all thought. Since it’s my first one, I chose to use straight test this time - the lab I chose only supplied it al 300 mg/ml, so for simplicity I’ll run it at 300 mg Mon… 300 mg Thurs.

Do you think the extra 100mg over the typical 500 mg/week for a first cycle is ok?

Also, I’ve done a ton of research on AI use during a cycle, and I’m leaning toward using the Arimidex at 0.25 mg EOD to start. Figure that’s low enough an account to not kill gains and E2, but enough to give some aromatherapy inhibition. I can always adjust higher if gyro presents.

Wk 1-10: test e @ 300 mg, 2x a week
Wk 1-10: adex @ 0.25 mg EOD

For the PCT in weeks 12 thru 16 I have clomid and Nolvadex… But we’ll get to that then.


lol, anyway…

600mg for a first cycle is a little high but certainly not outrageous. I’d actually run the adex at 0.5mg eod but that’s just me.

PCT is muy importante; don’t treat it as an afterthought

You know how that aromatherapy does to a cycle… (oops! Meant aromatase inhibition)

Anyhow, yea I k ew that most first cycles were at 500, and I can always draw up a little less to get closer to 250/pin, but i just didn’t know if there was too much of a difference. Honestly, from what I read, Ill prob just pin 500/a week and either extend it to 12 weeks, or… If things are going great after 5-6 weeks, up it to 600/week.

Regarding the PCT, i didn’t mean to present it as an afterthought… I know it’s hugely important for health and to keep gains. I just knew that was a lot to bring up BUT I’ve already got both clomid and Nolvadex coming.

I’m 30, around 185, 6’ and 12% BF… Think 0.5 MG adex end is better? I know it’s a subjective thing depending on your body and physiology, but this is the most scattered opinion that I’ve come across after reading tons of research online. I don’t want to miss the boat by not taking it and have to play catch-up, but i also don’t want to inhibit anything or deal with excessive joint pain, lethargy, etc